Your 2018 Local Edmonton Valentines Gift Guide For Her

February 5, 2018

The 14th of February is only days away and we’re wondering: are you ready for Valentines yet?! We’re helping you out this month of life, with an entire guide on where to find the best Valentines gifts in Edmonton. And, you’re SO welcome! With only a few days left, we’re covering gift ideas for her that include […]

The 14th of February is only days away and we’re wondering: are you ready for Valentines yet?! We’re helping you out this month of life, with an entire guide on where to find the best Valentines gifts in Edmonton. And, you’re SO welcome! With only a few days left, we’re covering gift ideas for her that include disappointment-free date night ideas and romantic gestures that will have you in the good books for the next month (at least)!


  • Be thoughtful with all yours gifts & gestures! Think about what your loved one would really appreciate & enjoy. Deep down, you know what your partner would want. If you don’t though, get them to take this quiz to find out what they really want based on their love language.
  • Don’t boycott Valentines & get your partner nothing. And, yes, that’s even if she said she doesn’t want anything! (Have you not learnt anything about women?) Yes, the holiday is clearly one big money-making scheme, however, there are definitely cheaper, more reasonable gift options, so give those a try!
  • Don’t leave it to the last minute — it will cost more than if you planned in advance.

Gifts For Her 

For all those lost souls unsure on how to approach this year’s V-Day, we’ve done all the heavy work and provided you with the ultimate list of local ideas to help you along. And for the ladies, here’s a not-so-subtle way of telling your better-half you’re expecting one of these #YegLocal Gifts — Click to Tweet below!

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#1: Words of Affirmation

This is the cheapest gift by far, and probably the most underrated one. Us women, love to be told we’re loved; appreciated and desired. So write up a hand-written love letter, leave surprise, sweet sticky-notes around; or go big, and post a public and soppy love message on your Instagram or Facebook (like Michelle & Barack, #relationship goals). Trust me, we care and it will go a long way. BUT go deep. Mention the little things. She will love it!

Edmonton Valentines

#2: A Pamper Day

Every girl loves a pamper day, whether it be getting a blow-out, having our nails done or a full-blown mani-pedi-facial-full-body-massage day, she will love you for the time off her feet. My personal favourite is when I get a pampered spa day with my loved one — can someone say couples massage time? BUT if you can’t afford pampering on that scale, why not do a DIY option at home? Run a hot bath with bubbles, light the candles, find a ‘spa’ track on Youtube to play in the background and surprise her with the unexpected and thoughtful gesture!

#3: A Candle-lit Dinner

Grab a good bottle of wine (or champagne and have it on ice), make a home-cooked meal (or grab her favourite takeout), light all the candles you can find, turn up the romantic tunes and wine-and-dine your loved one like it’s your job! If, however, this is too much to muster, leave the chef-ing up to someone else like our recent date night at WoodworkBUT be as bold as to pre-organise roses at the table PLUS an end-of-the-night dessert decorated with an edible Valentines message of love. You know, just a few small things.

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Edmonton Valentines

#4: Roses

Roses are always a sure bet to impress the ladies in your life. Valentines is no different, except they usually come with a hefty surcharge. Why not spend a little (a lot) more with a unique rose or flower box? The local floral atelier, Fabloomosity, has the most exquisite options and I think they’re totally worth the splurge.

#5: Chocolates

JACEK’s artisanal chocolate is unique and local — and their new Champagne & Strawberry Truffle sounds to die for! OR if you can’t choose, try their 24-piece sampler. If your lady is a self-proclaimed chocoholic, you might even want to go ahead and book a chocolate tasting! However, if she prefers baked goods, Duchess Bake Shop has amazing dessert options that she will LOVE!

#6: A Romantic Getaway/Staycation

Craig, the hopeless romantic, surprised me with a little staycation at the Fairmont Macdonald this weekend and it was magical (Blog Post to come!). It is such a great way to unwind in your own city, without having to drive or fly for hours. But if you have the time, and the money, why not book a weekend away in the mountains? Cosy log cabin, indoor fireplace and an excuse to cuddle up — need I say more? Here’s our quick getaway to Jasper!

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#7: Organise a Couple’s Shoot

With so many incredible, local photographers to choose from, I dare not pick favourites. That said, I have girl crushes on two wonderful ladies who take beautiful pictures of couples — Tracey Jazmin, Carissa Marie and Nicole Ashley. Go ahead, and crush on them too!

Edmonton Valentines

#8: Tickets for a Concert

Surprise her with tickets to an upcoming concert or event that she will love! Here’s a full list of all the upcoming concerts at Rogers. Maybe she’s a Sam Smith or JT fan? I think there’s nothing cuter than a man who takes his woman to see an artist she loves, even if it cuts into his hockey night. Cuteness level 1000.

#9: Jewellery

Most women are suckers for something sparkly, but there’s also a concern that he won’t buy the right sparkly thing! We’re fans of locally made, Mala and Me, and their cute little bracelets! Not so local, but also fabulous, are the Pandora bracelets that we love! Check out other Edmonton Made options here.

#10: Retail Therapy

YES. It’s a thing. And it is needed. I love getting to splurge on a few new items for my closet and with some amazing local brands, why the hell not?! Shop The Skinny, has a store at Southgate Mall or you can just as easily shop online! And let’s not forget shoes! Poppy Barley are my favourites when it comes to local shoe brands you can trust! Splurge on these local brands and you cannot go wrong. And if you’re nervous about your picks, grab a gift card and combine it with flowers for V-day!

So Tell Me…

Which gifts would you want? Comment and leave a reply below! We want to know!

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~ Leigh

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