Why France Is The Most Romantic Country On Earth

April 11, 2018

France is the most romantic country on Earth that we’ve travelled to so far — no doubt about it! That sentence is sure to rile a few people who believe that Italy is absolutely the crowning location for love. Of course, there are many other locations are beautiful and amazing for a trip with your amour. […]

France is the most romantic country on Earth that we’ve travelled to so far — no doubt about it! That sentence is sure to rile a few people who believe that Italy is absolutely the crowning location for love. Of course, there are many other locations are beautiful and amazing for a trip with your amour. However, France is often touted as one of the most beautiful hotspots for honeymoons, new couples visiting somewhere for the first time, and friendships that are slowly blossoming into something more serious. Why is this? Well, in this post we try to come to the answer. Without further ado:

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France Romantic Country


France is renowned for its sensuality. In this way, erotic love is expressed healthily. This isn’t something that is sordid or dirty like many other countries consider it to be. It’s considered a healthy expression of love, and for that reason all intimacy is considered beautiful. In this way, it’s pure, honest and open. We’re not just talking about retiring during the bedtime hours, but the sense of love and sensuality, and the patience that often comes with it. It’s not uncommon for couples to spend hours at a single meal together, sampling small tastes and eating very small but explosively flavorsome chocolates.

This is why France is relatively cool on sexual love, because that’s not the only avenue for intimacy that they consider. The attitude are more mature than that. Just as when a child is introduced to alcohol healthily and it’s not made out to be the worst thing ever, it loses its lustre and they are much more likely to develop healthy drinking habits. In the same way, sexual love in France is often only part of a whole host of other methods of showing affection, and for this reason the art of togetherness permeates the streets here, and truly offers something beautiful.


It’s no surprise then that the aesthetic beauty of France is one to be reckoned with. With this love flowing through the streets, architecture keeps an extravagance and beauty that is hard to compare. Art galleries and experimental film push the limits of our perception, and give us something very novel and adventure-led in return. We needn’t tell you about French food and the passion with which it’s made. These are just some of the reasons we fell in love with the City of Paris!

Experience this aesthetic with a love interest is like entering into a dreamscape of passion and mutual affection, something that truly sets a different artistic background to the entire visit. This is much better than simply heading on a corporate vacation to a beach somewhere, doing your best to tan and eat greasy food. France offers you an array of artistic experience, something that follows you from the moment you place a foot outside your hotel room to the moment you come back home.

For visual creatures, those interested in literature or art, foodies or those who simply want to experience the best creative merit that the entire world can offer, we’d say that a visit here is absolutely more than warranted.


France has a deep and storied history. It’s beautiful to witness. The story of Kings and Queens, Marquis’ and Marquise’, and all manner of regal and top of state interest can take your fancy if you dig deep enough. Not only that, but many of the castles and palaces have been preserved., The most famous would be the Palace of Versailles, and you can take a Versailles tours from Paris to get there and experience the wonder of this location.

Not only is this Palace famous for the hall of mirrors, but for its exquisite and opulent design, something that truly rivals many of the historical castles preserved today. History is often romantic, charting the stories, infighting and strange unique quirks of family and events that inform who we are today. If you’re not usually interested in topics like these, then experiencing them with a partner can be a beautiful adventure for you both to partake in.

At the very least, experiencing the history of a location will inform you of its past and therefore current standing, allowing you to connect the dots and become more informed about the area you inhabit. Stories are romantic, and when experiencing them with a partner they take on a shared life and a feeling of true discovery. See for yourself and you’re sure to agree.


In France, people expect passion. This means that getting drunk and wandering through the streets like you’re in a Woody Allen film at 4 am, dancing and twirling in your evening dress will not be looked upon strangely. This is a country that celebrates being expressive, and having the confidence to do so.

This might feel strange if you’re not used to it. Let’s face it – many of us aren’t at all. However, this can be learned, especially when we’re in the presence of someone we feel comfortable with. Exploring yourself and your love for the environment is something that is more than encouraged in France. Sing in a bar, and people will sing with you. Start tap dancing on the street in a silly and jovial manner, and you’ll find at least one person who finds you interesting and tries to encourage you sincerely.

This overall sense of permissiveness and allowance is what sets France apart from other countries, and it is almost considered rude to be overtly hidden or shy. This means that you can finally let your hair down and enjoy a place that truly permits yourself to be you. There are cultural norms of politeness and properness of course, as the society is a respectful one with civilized people. However, for the most part, French citizens respect those who wish to engage with their customs in a shared sense of respect. This is a great way to set yourself apart from the horde of tourists that visit every year.

So, Time to Head to France!

With this advice in mind, you can be sure that you experience the full nature of France, one of the most romantic countries on Earth. While you’re there, be sure to make a stop in a romantic city we love: Reims! Read our Ultimate Guide here to doing this Champagne City right!

Missing Paris,

~ Leigh

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