Where To Get Your Sunflower Selfie in Canada

Aug 9, 2018


With Selfie-Takers hunting down Sunflower Fields in Canada to get the perfect Instagrammable Sunflower Selfie, we’re giving you the 411 on your closest shoot location across the country. Since Ontario’s Bogle Seeds Farm chaos that erupted with hoards of people arriving for the perfect selfie, they’ve closed indefinitely for photo-ops, leaving us all wondering where now?! We’ve got you covered.

Just a note: we do not want to encourage the trampling of flowers (Farmer’s crop) as in the case of the Bogle Seeds Farm, so please be kind to the farmers, farms and flowers when you visit. 

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#1: Kustermans Farm, Ontario

Kustermans Farm welcomes you! $12 to pose gets you your Sunflower Selfie, and they aren’t worried about crowds! Their farm was developed to handle visitors with loads of parking and washrooms. They want people to come and they’re encouraging everyone to explore their Farm — so head on over! You’ve still got time!

Website // $ 12 to pose with the Sunflowers

#2: Bowden SunMaze, Alberta

For all you Albertans, located between Calgary & Red Deer in Central Alberta you’ll find the Bowden SunMaze at Eagle Creek Farms. Mid-August is the best time to visit while the sunflowers are in full bloom, so get there soon! They also offer 3-acres of U-Pick sunflowers, lilies, glads, snapdragons & perennial flowers — and what’s more Instagrammable than hand-picked flowers?

Website // Hours & Cost // Adults $9

#3: Chilliwack Sunflower Festival

The Chilliwack Sunflower Festival brought to you by the creators of Chilliwack Tulip Festival.

Read: Our Guide to Visiting the Abbotsford Bloom Tulip Festival, an hour outside Vancouver.

Check Out My Sunflower Selfie:

A little closer to home for any Edmontonians, you can also snap a Sunflower Selfie without even having to drive outside of the City! Where you might ask? At the Muttart Conservatory! While snapping this pic on our Insta, we stumbled across the small patch of yellow blooms and had to snap a pic!

Directions: If you’re about to enter the Conservatory, bypass the entrance and head right towards a little bridge in the garden and you should spot them right away! Full steam ahead into #Selfie Mode!

P.S. No Sunflowers were harmed in the taking of this pic! And we’d appreciate it if you didn’t harm any either! let’s be considerate and respectful to all the farms and flowers! 🙂

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