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Travel Diary: Stunning Santorini, Greece, in 3 Days

Santorini in Greece is immediately recognisable for it’s picture-perfect white and blue coloured cliffs and stunning sunsets — it’s no wonder it is one of the most popular islands in the world. Santorini is actually a group of islands which are essentially what remains after a series of extensive volcanic eruptions from the still active volcano. The main island of Thira is the crescent-shaped island where you will find the famous village of Oia where all the tourists flock.

This travel diary is a bit unlike all our others, considering we did not leave this particular destination with any foot injuries from walking so much! We were staying with friends and decided to really enjoy relaxing at our villa as much as possible. I think we did it the right way though. A relaxing holiday was much needed and the views kept us preoccupied for hours.

Santorini is that kind of destination. Come ready to relax and gawk at the views — they are unlike anything in this world!

Day One: Arriving in Santorini

Our Villa:

We stayed in Imerovigli, the highest point of the caldera edge, about a half-hour walk from Fira. We booked Villa Estelle on Airbnb but they also have their own website. It was half the price of a hotel, and had brilliant views minus all the crowds. I would highly recommend booking accommodation in Imerovigil as opposed to Oia and if there are more than 4 of you, consider a villa. We were not disappointed. Evident by the fact that we barely left the villa for the first two days! Check out our views!

Travel Diary Santorini

Lunch at the Grace Hotel:

We headed down to the path along the caldera and within 5 minutes found the luxurious Grace Hotel where we decided to stop for a late lunch. Besides the stunning view, the food and cocktails are amazing. I love sneaking into a 5 star luxury hotel for a meal when we can’t stay at one on our trip. It adds moments of luxury without all the dollar signs!

Travel Diary Santorini
Travel Diary Santorini

Sunsets (Everyday):

Santorini’s sunsets are iconic — listed as a “must do” on almost every travel guide. And I would have to agree — they are indeed as magical as they say. As I’m absolutely sky-obsessed, I was out there every night snapping away to catch every glimmer of the last moments of sunshine across the caldera. While most flock to Oia for the so-called ‘best sunset view’, I reckon we had the best seats in the house. Our villa was located on the highest point of the island with views of the sunrise and sunset — with no crowds!

Santorini has some of the best sunsets in the world! Click To Tweet
Travel Diary Santorini
Travel Diary Santorini

Day Two:

We May or May Not Have Tanned All Day:

We’re not about to vacation in the Greek Isles and come back whiter than when we left. We put in some serious tanning time on our roof-deck with a view along the caldera! And that suited us just fine for a relaxing Greek getaway. But if you’re not about that tan life there are other things to do! Here’s a list of 10 unique things to do on the island!

Fira for Dinner:

The walk from Imerovigil to Fira was full of perfect photo-ops which left me lagging behind the rest of the group rushing to dinner. So bear with me, I have waaaaay too many Santorini photos to fill up all my feeds on. Did you see all the photos on our Instagram?

I would highly recommend our dinner spot, Koukoumavlos, for fine dining. The menu was creative and unique! We loved it and would definitely go back BUT bear in mind, it is pricey.


Oia for the Day:

Oia (pronounced ‘eee-a’) is definitely the most photogenic village of them all, perched on the northern tip of the island, it is packed full of tourists shops. Oia is where all the tourists flock for sunset photos but it usually overcrowded all day. Hit the little village in the morning if you want to avoid most of the travellers. We arrived midday on a very hot day.

By the way, I got rather camera-happy and took way too many photos to spam this post with. So if you’re interested in gawking at even more stunning photos, check out the Photo Diary Post of Oia here. This place was just too pretty not to capture every corner! 

Travel Diary Santorini

A Stroll Down To Amoudi Bay for Lunch:

By a stroll, I mean quite an intensive walk down over 300 stairs dodging some Donkey droppings. But if you’d rather get a taxi, you can! We did that instead of walk all the way to the top. I’d highly discourage taking the donkey rides — it is so hot, and it is a long long walk up and down. Taxi’s are completely reasonable and the restaurants on the Bay are happy to call one and organise a lift back to your hotel. We ate at the Amoudi Fish Tavern and, so far, it was my favourite authentic fresh Greek Food meal we’ve had!

Travel Diary Santorini
Travel Diary Santorini


If you saw my bucket-list post on Santorini, you might have realised how ambitious it was for a 3 day visit, especially considering we spent a good two days tanning. BUT, my highlights from what we did manage to do was definitely the seafood lunch at Amoudi Bay PLUS the sunsets every night.


Well, it depends on your vibe. I asked the group for feedback and these were the major complaints: You might not enjoy the lack of an actual beach (on the caldera side at least) and the rip-off prices. Santorini is by no means cheap. For me, I have no complaints. Just a need to see those sunsets again!

Would We Go Back?

Probably. If we could snag a really cheap flight, go as a couple and combine it with more of Greece: Mykonos and Crete are at the top of my list! But we would, of course, be experiencing the holiday completely differently and then it makes sense to go again.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I will hopefully have the Lefkada one up in the next day or two. Sadly, we only have two days left in the Greek Isles.

Read: Our Blog post on our days Lazing in Lefkada here.

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