Travel Diary: What We Did in Cape Town

January 21, 2018

Cape Town is still one of my favourite cities in the world and I am so grateful to have been able to spend six years of my life living there — including my varsity life. So it’s no wonder that this city will always have a special place in my heart. When I do get […]

Cape Town is still one of my favourite cities in the world and I am so grateful to have been able to spend six years of my life living there — including my varsity life. So it’s no wonder that this city will always have a special place in my heart. When I do get the chance to visit, I usually jam pack the days doing all my favourite things, but it is also the perfect city to relax in. It just depends on your vibe! This time, I tried to do a whole lot of new things I had never done before. With beautiful, summery days, we were outdoors enjoying the sunshine and views as much as possible. Here some ideas on what to do on your next summer visit.

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Where We Stayed:

Feels Like Home:

We stayed with a relative in Vredehoek — one of my favourite residential areas in Cape Town. It lies at the foot of Table Mountain boasting incredible views of the hugely popular tourist attraction (when the mountain isn’t not covered by the infamous cloud ‘tablecloth’. Plus, it has cute little coffee shops nearby and you all know that is right up my alley. If you’re thinking of booking a residence in an area like Vredehoek, there are loads of Airbnb options here. Plus, here’s a link to save $65 CAD when you sign up to Airbnb!

Hotel Luxe:

That said, if I was looking for a hotel, any one of the 8 on my list of Best Hotels in Cape Town would make the cut. One of those hotels, the Silo Hotel, is currently on my bucket-list of hotels to stay at. But if I ever get Craig to agree to it, we will be forking out between R12 000 to R27 500 (1000 USD – 2200 USD) a night. And you can forget the R 75 grander Penthouse Suite, which goes all the way up to R140 000 during peak season! This time, I settled for drinks at the Willaston Bar.

Be Aware!

One thing we had to be aware on our latest visit was the recent drastic water crisis they are experiencing in Cape Town at the moment. If you do happen to visit during this, or any future water crisis, be aware of conserving water and not wasting. Try some of the tips in the this article. Even as tourists, we have to be responsible and aware of the context in which we find ourselves in. #SaveLikeALocal

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Drinks at The Silo Hotel

Seeing as our Cape Town visit was rushed and unplanned, we pitched up at the hotel without any prior reservations and thus could only get into the Willaston Bar as opposed to the Rooftop bar and the Granary Cafe (both of which requires prior reservations). We ordered the Moscow Mule which comes in a carafe to share and sipped away while enjoying the incredible view.

Although we didn’t go, the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Africa Art is also located at the hotel silo and is a fun activity. Tickets range from R180 per adult, free for under 18 or African citizens on Wednesdays, & half-price admission between 4 pm – 9 pm every first Friday of the month.

Cape Town

Colourful Houses in Bokaap

In my six years that I had lived there, I had never actually driven through the Bokaap area. This time, as somewhat of a tourist, I thought I would finally snap a pic of the famous colourful houses. Instagram worthy, am I right?!

Cape Town

Coffee at Yours Truly on Kloof Street

MY FAVOURITE COFFEE SPOT EVER. No really. This place is a vibe. The ever trendy, Yours Truly Cafe & Bar is not just a spot to grab a good cuppa plus a yummy sandwich, it’s also a popular nightlife spot with live DJ sets. Check out their aesthetically pleasing Instagram to see what you’re in for.

Mojo Market in Seapoint

MOJO Market is a new 7-day-a-week-food-based market that has opened along Main Street in Seapoint, and is attached to the new MOJO Hotel. We ended up grabbing some sushi for lunch one day and loved it. Check out their Instagram to see some other delicious food options you can get here. Want to know more? Check out Lifestyle Hunter’s Blog Post here.

Day in Franschhoek

Franschhoek is one of my absolute favourite places in the world. And it’s no wonder — it’s beautiful, charming and . We did the most typical thing that day in the winelands: we went to several wine-tastings; enjoyed a gourmet lunch; and ended it with a coffee and an ice cream on a particularly hot day. I highly recommend it 😉

We enjoyed an 8-course late lunch on 38+ degree day, under a shady oak tree with a coolish breeze at Maison Estate. I’ll be blogging all about it soon, so look out for that post. Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter to keep updated!

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Cape Town

Dinner at The Test Kitchen

It just so happens that friends of mine from Edmonton were visiting Cape Town the same time as me and invited me along to a treat of a lifetime! The Test Kitchen, located at the Old Biscuit Mill, has been voted the best restaurant in Africa — and I’m not surprised why! That said, the 21-course menu and drinks pairing does come with a hefty price-tag that could make a South African poor for the rest of the month (R2000 – R3000 / $150 – $250 US).

Highlights? Lowlights? Tips?

Highlights? Franschhoek was a definite highlight. In fact, I could have spent the entire 5 days there! That lunch at the Chefs Warehouse was amazing, but I cannot forget about our experience at the Test Kitchen — what a fun night with incredible food!

Lowlights? Nada. Not one. I mean, besides not having Craig with me on this trip.

After this visit I wrote an article in my Expat Series about how I felt returning to South Africa after moving away. This trip was full of mixed emotions, but our 5 days in Cape Town really made it worthwhile for me. If you’d like to read the article click below:

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