7 Tips For An Unforgettable Romantic Getaway With Your Partner

May 6, 2018

To keep the flames of love burning, we let you in on a few tips that we think you will find useful on your next romantic getaway with your loved one.

To keep the flames of love burning, it’s important to take a break from the stresses of everyday life to focus on your loved ones. My favourite way to do this is to have a romantic getaway with Craig. This is the time we use to reconnect with each other, have fun, and explore somewhere new together. To help you make the most of your time together, we have a few tips that we think you will find useful on your next romantic getaway.

#1: Plan something you will both enjoy

Romance will soon fizzle out if one of you takes sole charge of the planning. There needs to be mutual decisions and compromises made to ensure you both get something out of the getaway. So talk to each other, make a romantic bucket list of the things you would both love to do, and put your plans into action to make your dreams a reality. 

#2: Remember The Romance

Since romance is the goal, you should check out our blog posts below to inspire your next romantic getaway. We love places like Paris and the English countryside, but other unique options include hiring a charter boat to give you both the privacy you are craving.

#3: Get a Babysitter!

Although we aren’t parents yet, we can imagine it’s difficult to find time alone together if you have young children. That said, we often talk about how having kids might change the way we prioritise time and travel together. Our advice is to ask somebody to look after your little ones while you are away. Alternatively, if you have to bring the kids along, choose somewhere with plenty of activities that will keep your kids entertained. The best options are usually resorts with a good pool or a fun kids club.

#4: Avoid stress factors

You don’t want to spoil the getaway with stress and bickering, so plan in advance to make sure the trip goes as smoothly as possible. This includes sorting out a budget so you don’t end up arguing about money, and remembering to pack everything you need for your romantic vacation.

#5: Ditch technology

Ditch technology or simply put your phone on airplane mode. We all know the benefits of a little technology detox, but the main point here is to remove all the distractions and focus on your partner. So make a vow to ditch anything that is going to distract you from indulging your love, giving you the chance to gaze into each other’s eyes instead of looking down at Instagram or Facebook.

#6: Do Nothing

Not in the literal sense, but you should maximise the time you have together to relax and cosy up with one another. So, if you’re staying in a hotel, have room service on speed dial to cater for your every need. If you’re visiting another town or city, you don’t want to spend the whole day sightseeing and rushing from one place to another. Focus on your relationship, and not on anything that will disrupt the quality time you are spending in each other’s company.

#7: Finally… Have Fun!

This is a no-brainer, but don’t pressure yourselves into having fun. Instead, let it come naturally, as you both relax in one another’s company for the duration of your getaway. Whatever you do, we hope you have a fabulous and unforgettable experience.

Because quality time and travel is my love language, Leigh x

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