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The Sunday Diary: We *Actually* Had A Baby!

February 1, 2021

Last Sunday Diary, I talked about our ‘scares’ thinking that we were being induced that week. This week, we talk about her arrival, adjusting to mom life and what it’s really like postpartum in the first week!

Last Sunday Diary, I talked about our ‘scares’ thinking that we were being induced that week. This week, we talk about her arrival, adjusting to mom life and what it’s really like postpartum in the first week!

1 – She’s Here! Meet Riley Quinn!

After nearly two weeks of waiting, thinking that she was coming and then hearing news that she wasn’t, she made a rather speedy arrival after a pretty slow start. We updated you about our blood pressure scares last time, and our doctor thought it best that we get induced at 38 weeks because I was still getting visual disturbances (floaters / flashing lights). It felt like the best solution to avoid an emergency c-section or a dangerous situation for me or baby. It was booked the night before we went in, which meant that again, we were surprised at how quickly we could meet her. Lol, the joke was on us, because then she made us wait for two more days.

I’ll try recall everything that happened in a birth story blog post, but I cannot tell you how magical it felt. I know it’s not everyone’s experience, and I’m almost nervous to share it, but I could not be happier that my birth experience was exactly how I wanted it to be: a positive one.

2 – One Week Postpartum… How I’m Really Doing.

I just watched Desi Perkins’ video on her Postpartum and realized how incredibly lucky I’ve been. Everyone has said the first week is the hardest and, for the most part, it’s felt really great to me. Day three was tough and I found myself really emotional about breastfeeding and having a negative experience with a Public Health nurse. Day four, I was still pretty quick to tears when I talked about that experience, but once I had a plan in place to get Riley fed, my emotions felt normal and I have just been in one big love bubble with her, despite the lack of sleep.

Again, I know that this is not everyone’s experience, and I know that the hormone crash and emotions will probably still come. Motherhood is hard, and there will be an adjustment period.

3 – Breastfeeding… It’s HARD!

Well, at least it is for me. I had a feeling I was underproducing milk for Riley and I was quickly getting frustrated with multiple nurses telling me to do various things instead of coming up with a plan to ensure that she was actually getting fed. It’s amazing that we have so many resources in Calgary when it comes to breastfeeding information, but being consulted by several nurses and a lactation consultant in the hospital, then a Public Health nurse that came to our house, then two more different Public Health nurses as follow ups because Riley had higher jaundice levels – it felt a lot like there were too many cooks in the kitchen, and no one was prioritizing her food-intake, but rather just breast is best.

My fears were confirmed when she was weighed and we realized that she had lost nearly 10% of her body weight. The next day, she had lost even more weight pushing her into the 11% category and I realized that topping up with formula was very necessary and I needed a better plan moving forward. Thank goodness for my Maternity doctor and her lactation consultant. They are the only ones I turn to for breastfeeding advice now and they have been able to help me increase my supply, while ensuring Riley put on some of the weight she lost.

I’ll share more about my breast-feeding journey along the way, but for now, I’m drinking all the water I ca, pumping after feeds and focusing on getting my cuddles in while I can. I’m going to be baking some lactation cookies (Yes, things I google now) tomorrow so I’ll let you know how they turn out! Also, I’m living in these nursing tanks! They’re perfect for breastfeeding and the price is really reasonable in comparison to some brands so I’ve just ordered four more! Those with a long cosy cardigan is my go-to breastfeeding / new-mom uniform!

4 – Newborn Must-Haves In The First Week!

I created an IG Guide on this, this past week, because I was so anxious leading up to her arrival that I wouldn’t have everything I needed. The most used product so far? The Snuggle Me Organic Lounger. Craig totally thought it wouldn’t be necessary, but we use it SO much. West Coast Kids has had it on sale three times recently for 25% off! Go check out the rest of the Guide and I’ll be sure to post an updated essentials list over the next few weeks.

5 – Our Love Bubble…

So, while we’re in this love bubble with little Miss Riley over the next few weeks, I’m putting zero pressure on myself to blog or post. If you don’t hear from us for a while, or maybe if you hear from us more (crazier things have happened), we’re going to make sure this time together as a family last.

So, on that note, I’ll leave you with a cute photo of Riley. She will be featuring on here a lot! #Sorrynotsorry

From an obsessed new parent,

Leigh xxx

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