The Sunday Diary: New Website Launch This Week!

October 6, 2019

Every Sunday I share a few life updates, travel tips we’ve learned and sneak peeks about things coming up. This is your behind the scenes look into our lives during the week!

It feels like weeks have gone by without updates again and it truly is because life has gotten really busy. But from now on, you can expect weekly Sunday Diaries to keep you in the loop.

1 – If you’re here, you’ll notice it looks a little different on the blog. Our official launch is Thursday, the 10th of October, but right now you’re viewing our ‘soft launch’ while we work out the kinks and finalise it all for the big celebration this week. Let me know what you think below! I’ll be blogging all about why we decided to rebrand and relaunch on Thursday, so stayed tuned for that.

2 – The weather is definitely cooling down here in Alberta, after all we’ve already had our first big snowfall last weekend. As the temps drops, I’m on that sweater weather train living in a few knits that I found at H&M and not a day goes by that I don’t get a compliment on them. The beige, brown and greige (my new favourite) are everywhere this Fall.

3 – I just booked our plane tickets for Vancouver at the end of November after watching the fares for a couple of months now. I use the app Hopper to monitor prices and it tells me when they’re low or high compared to previous months. I love that gives a price prediction based on previous history to help you decide whether to book now or wait for a cheaper flight.

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4 – WE SOLD OUR HOUSE! We’re so happy because we weren’t expecting to sell our home in Barrhead so quickly but what a blessing it was. So many things came up that I wasn’t expecting buying and selling our home so I think I’ll do a separate blog post on things I learned about the process.

5 – Although we aren’t that big on Thanksgiving (It’s not really celebrated in South Africa), I’m trying to embrace new traditions in our new home so I’m hosting a Friendsgiving this coming long weekend. The menu I’m thinking of includes this tried-and-tested Turkey recipe with a make-ahead gravy, a to-die-for Cranberry, Brie Bread and a Fall-inspired cocktail.

6 – Out of the 25 Things To Do in Calgary in October, I’m most excited about the Afternoon Tea at Hawthorne as well as the 25 Best Things To Eat Pop Up on the 26th of October.

Sending you good vibes for this week! ~ L

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