The Sunday Diary

The Sunday Diary: We Thought We Were Having a Baby This Week!

January 18, 2021

If you’ve been following a bit over on Instagram, you’ll know we had a bit of a baby’s-coming-scare! It was one way to kick us into high gear getting ready for baby. That means the hospital bag I had been putting off was packed in all of 20 minutes; my last-minute checklist before we left […]

If you’ve been following a bit over on Instagram, you’ll know we had a bit of a baby’s-coming-scare! It was one way to kick us into high gear getting ready for baby. That means the hospital bag I had been putting off was packed in all of 20 minutes; my last-minute checklist before we left for the hospital was ticked off and I finally wrapped my head around the fact that we were actually having a baby – and soon!! Here’s our Sunday recap of this crazy week.

1 – My 2021 Vision Board

I spent my previous Sunday creating a Vision Board, instead of writing a Sunday Diary because my brain capacity is working at minimal capacity right now. It was so relaxing and calming to spend time on being creative (one of my goals for 2021, as you can see).

A few people have asked how I created it, and it was on the app Canva. I find it an easier, and free, alternative to Photoshop. Some of the elements I used might be part of the paid version as I did eventually upgrade (and it’s been so worth it for me, personally). If you’d like the free Canva template design, you can access it in the next blog post with a few instructions on how I added to it.

2 – Possible High Blood Pressure at 37 Weeks Pregnant?

I went into my Tuesday morning weekly check-up with my Maternity doctor and found out that my BP was a little high. The first reading had been 170/100 which is crazy, because I didn’t even know it could get that high (I’ve since learned a lot about blood pressure!). It got me a little emotional and panicked knowing that I had had an episode on the weekend with floaters (which is when you basically see floating or flashing lights in your vision). The ‘confirmation’ that it was blood pressure related got me anxious as my mom had had preeclampsia which landed up in a c-section – something I’ve been trying to avoid if I can.

I was a little relieved when my blood pressure did eventually come down and my blood and urine results came back as good. My doctor wasn’t concerned so I reassured myself that baby was coming on her own, like planned. But I still had an ultrasound booked for the next evening – a bonus, I had thought, to see baby again.

The next night Craig had insisted on taking me to my ultrasound as it was in the NE of the city, which is a 20-minute drive from us, and it was later in the evening. Well, thank goodness for him! Before I could even get into the ultrasound room, a nurse checked my blood pressure again and decided that it was too high to even let me get the ultrasound. She told me in no uncertain terms that I was having this baby tonight which set me into a blind-panic and, of course, was no good for my blood pressure and anxiety. Again, thank goodness Craig was with me to drive me home and to calm me down.

Luckily, we’re friends with my Maternity doctor and I was able to call her and get her opinion. She said to just get monitored at the hospital so that’s what we did. We headed home, packed our hospital bag and off we went to the Labor & Delivery Unit at South Health Campus. We were there for 2-3 hours being monitored. I even wrote my last exam for my Immigration Consultancy course while hooked up and getting bloods. I’m sure it’s the first time they’ve had a pregnant lady write an exam minutes before potentially getting induced, while being monitored for blood pressure but I had to get it done before 11pm!

We finally went home just before midnight with the expectation that tomorrow would be the day that we would start having a baby. When we arrived on the Thursday morning to have the baby, I was so calm and ready. I headed to my ultrasound first (without Craig because of covid restrictions) and met Craig in triage afterwards. The photo above is us thinking that we were getting ready to have a baby (which Craig said we should take) – and I love it. It’s two people so ready to meet their daughter. Of course, we didn’t end up meeting her because my blood pressure decided to behave that day, but the practice-runs probably did my anxiety the world of good. I now know what to expect and it doesn’t feel so scary.

3 – So, Evidently the Hospital Bag is Finally All Packed!

On the bright-side, I finally got the hospital bag all packed and ready, after putting it off for weeks (as if that could stop the baby coming). Things I added in last minute was a towel (because staying longer than 24 hours is a real possibility for me), as well as newborn clothes (which I had zero of because so many people told me that baby grows out of it so quickly).

I divided up the sections into packing cubes to keep it easier to manage while in hospital, too. Craig knows that one-side is for baby, and the other is for me. He also knows what is packed in each cube, like nursing things all in one and snacks all in another. I think it’s pretty organized and minimal, which is what I would prefer than to overpack.

I’ll be doing a full blog post on what we packed in the hospital bag as advised by nurses at the Labor & Delivery Ward at South Health Campus, and then I’ll be sure to give an update on what we actually used. Right now, we’re trying to prepare for every possibility, including possible c-section and recovery stay so there may be extras for those scenarios. Although I don’t want to overpack, I also prefer being over-prepared!

4 – Our Last Minute List, Before We Leave For The Hospital

I hadn’t really thought of this until I saw it on a forum and thought it would probably be a good thing to share. There are so many things to think of before you leave for the hospital that it’s easy to forget something.

A friend offered some great advice: wash your hair before you go in to hospital so it’s clean for the next couple of days. A nurse mentioned you should eat, because sometimes you can’t once you get admitted/ And also, after our practice-run, we realized doing a quick clean-up of the house before we left made us feel good about coming home with a baby, so if you have time, do that too! Copy, paste the below into your notes and adjust it as you need!

  • Shower + Hair (if enough time)
  • Eat something (if you can)
  • Bedding washing (if possible)
  • All laundry done + put away
  • Clean up around the house
  • Clear out fridge
  • Take out trash + recycling
  • Last minute packing: Phone chargers, wallets, laptop and toiletries.
  • Top up Ollie’s food + water
  • Check with neighbour if can feed Ollie in case longer stay / packages arriving
  • Make sure car seat is in car

5 – Things I’m Googling…

We started this in our last Sunday Diary, because when you’re this pregnant, you start googling weird things. This week I’ve been googling:

  • Labour and Delivery Playlists (/What do people even listen to when they’re in labour?!)
  • What do contractions feel like? (I’m so nervous I won’t even know I’m in labour).
  • What is considered High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy?
  • What helps with an induction?

6 – Short(ish) and Sweet

I spent the rest of the week sleeping after a chaotic start, so there isn’t much else to report on. Who knows, maybe the next Sunday Diary will have a cute baby girl feature! Keep watching our Instagram, we will be sure to keep everyone updated!

Happy Sunday (Monday!) x

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