The Sunday Diary: Four Years in Canada + Black Friday Deals

Nov 24, 2019


Every Sunday we share our highlights of the week, favourite finds and sneak peeks at the latest thing we’re working on. This week, it’s a recap and celebration of four years in Canada, plus excitement for the week ahead in Vancouver.

1 – This week marked four years in Canada and let me tell you, it’s been a whirlwind of feelings. For one, it feels like it’s been EIGHT years instead of four. And so came with it the realization that we’ve actually managed to do so much in such a short time. Buy a house, complete my law accreditation, travel a bunch, buy another house and move to Calgary, and then luckily, sell our first house after a few weeks. It’s crazy to think that it took this long for us to get to a place / a city that we truly wanted to be in, yet we still went through the rollercoaster of emotions that is moving anywhere new.

2 – We leave for Vancouver tomorrow for Craig’s medical conference and it will be our fourth time in the city! At one stage, it was starting to feel like our second home, but it’s been over two years since our last visit. At the end of our week-long visit, hopefully we can share a more in-depth city guide of Vancouver, but in the meantime, this is what we’ve got.

3 – I really love putting together in-depth city guides. In fact, it’s my favourite part of hosting our new website through Showit. The website platform makes it really easy for me to customize our new design and constantly update it to give you more information about each of the cities we’ve visited. You’ve probably already checked out the Edmonton guide, but if you haven’t, here’s the link.

4 – I’m also busy packing for Raincouver (a.k.a. Vancouver) and, touch wood, it looks like we only have one day of predicted rain. Here’s my favourite travel outfit: comfy jeans and a cosy sweater.

5 – On a less exciting topic, here’s your annual reminder to go for skin check-ups. I finally booked mine (my family physician referred me) at a local Dermatologist and she had to remove two sketchy sun spots, one of which I knew was not a good one (the so-called ‘ugly duckling’ our of all the freckles on my stomach). I know it seems like something that can wait, but early detection is key with cancer. Part of being responsible for your health is scheduling those regular check ups and monitoring your body for evolving spots. Check out this resource to learn more about what to look out for.

6 – Black Friday is coming and we’re all looking to snag some great travel deals. Westjet currently has some Black Friday deals. But we’re most excited to get luggage this Black Friday. We’re long over due!

7 – Lastly, we swapped out date night this week for a weekend brunch date at a favourite local restaurant in Calgary, Ten Foot Henry. We’re doing our research for our Calgary Guide and hoping to update a few of our foodie itineraries.

We’ve been a little MIA on Instagram, but hoping to share a little about our time in Vancouver. See you over on Insta! x

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