The Sunday Diary: Trying To Get Into The Festive Cheer

December 12, 2021

I’m trying to get into the festive cheer (and trying to get back into doing these regularly).

1. It’s been a hard-ish week when I think about the fact that up until a week ago, my mom and brother would have landed in Canada this weekend. Although I’m trooping on (as moms do best), my subconscious is feeling the effects of a long two years without family quality time. I shared this post on Instagram and so many people were glad to know that they weren’t ‘crazy’ to be feeling the affects of the past two years, too. My brain truly does love predictability, so this not knowing when the end will be is tough.

2. It’s also prompted a blog post about the sacrifice of living abroad in a post-Covid world. I’m hoping to get back to all my expat life posts now because I know they’re helpful. I’ll let you know when it’s live over on Instagram!

3. Winter has officially hit (a week into December. not bad at all). Riley and I went on our first official snow walk this season so I wrote a bit about how we keep her warm in the Alberta winter here. This snuggle bag was such a winner of a purchase, and a third of the price of the branded one!


4. Subjected my child to more photoshoots. Poor Riley! Her mom does not let up. But a few of you loved the B+W edits. They’re super easy! I just use the VSCO app. My favourite filters for B+W are the FN16 and KT32 (I think these might be paid filters, but there are free ones too!).

5. I also asked for advice about Riley’s first birthday and was blown away by all the responses: thank you!! I love how willing moms are to share. The overwhelming response was to keep it small, intimate and low-stress. I must admit, a part of me really wanted to go big after downplaying so many big celebratory moments over the past 2 years (and more with moving abroad because sidenote: we didn’t have a wedding), but with covid restrictions and the reality that a big party would be super overwhelming for a one year old, the likelihood is we will go even smaller and low-key than planned. The one thing most people recommended was a photo session with a cake and if anything, I would splurge on a photographer just to get some photos of all of us in one frame!

6. We’ve done some more home updates around the house. Although I wanted a break this weekend, the last two weekends we got up some wall art and Riley’s new baby-proof “side-table.” We’re constantly updating our babyproofing post as we go, but luckily we’ve had a break in the daily Amazon purchases.

7. You might have noticed the blog looks a little different. I’m trying to update it to reflect our life now and also to make it easier for you to read and find what you’re looking for. Let me know what you think! This blog is seriously just for you so I always welcome feedback or blog post requests!

Happy Sunday!

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