The Sunday Diary: Expat Guilt + France Booked!

Nov 3, 2019


Every Sunday we share our highlights of the week, favourite finds and sneak peeks at the latest thing we’re working on. This week, it’s a hodge-podge of things as we deal with expat guilt in amongst the excitement of booking a new holiday for 2020.

1 – It’s bittersweet to have a new trip booked and scheduled in our 2020 calendar after a quieter travelling stint. Why? Well, because it comes at a cost. As expats, we either spend that time ‘home’ in South Africa with family, or we spend it exploring somewhere new. With our recent move to Calgary comes a limited budget for travel and we’re starting to plan trips so that we can travel more for less — a new focus. Unfortunately, sometimes that comes at the cost of spending time with family. Hence the immense expat guilt, which you can add to the boatload of emotions after moving like expat depression. (Busy working on a post about all the expat guilt feels).

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2 – On the bright side, we’ve got a trip booked to my favourite city of all time: Paris! We’ve visited twice and loved every second of it. We’re not planning on spending the whole time in Paris, but France in general is high up on my list to explore. We will be visiting Bordeaux for three days so if you have any suggestions or recommendations, comment below! We have booked Hotel Montecristo for Paris and Chateau Pape Clement for Bordeaux!

3 – Thursday’s date night (last week) was a first time visit to Donna Mac (which won an Avenue Award for Best 2019 New Restaurant). The menu is set out in shareable dishes, many that are gluten-free, which are served as they are ready. We ordered way too much food for us two, but specifically enjoyed the grilled carrots, risotto and lamb ribs — and would definitely order them all again!

4 – I’m busy updating our Edmonton Travel Guide and was wondering whether you’ve had a moment to check it out yet? Our next Travel Guides coming soon are Abbotsford, BC and our new home, Calgary, AB!

5 – We woke up at 3am on Saturday to watch the Rugby World Cup Final where the Springboks dominated England and it was so worth the early wake up call. It was a proud moment for all South Africans, even those abroad. Since we were up so early, we visited the Calgary Farmers Market as soon as it opened. (We always share our weekend activities over on Instagram!)

6 – It’s Remembrance Day next Monday, so next weekend is a long weekend. We’re taking advantage and heading to the mountains Thursday. We’re staying at Solara Resort so I can’t wait to do a little review of our stay. A roaring fireplace, the view of the mountains and staying cosy with a book and a glass of wine sounds like the perfect two day getaway.

7 – We’re currently having the laziest Sunday and headed out to Native Tongues for Tacos with friends in town for an early dinner / late lunch. Their beans and beef tacos are the best! P.S. On Tuesdays the Tacos are $2.50! See other Tacos specials here.

Calgary Tacos at Native Tongues Sunday Diary

Happy Sunday, guys! xx

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