Budgeting As A Mom: How We Save Money on Baby Products!

November 18, 2021

If you know me, you know I’ll never pay full price for an item. I hope that these tips save you money on purchases you would have made anyway.

If you know me, you know I’ll never pay full price for an item, but I’m not exactly a thrifter either. I land in the middle, saving on products that I want but trying to earn back where I can. I do things like a big grocery shop on the first Tuesday of every month to save 15% (but in reality I save 20%+) and I’ve signed up to all the annoying emails to get sales notifications or coupon codes whenever they come out (but Honey is even better for this). If this is your money-saving vibe, here’s allllll my money-saving tips for baby products:

Shop Around And Online!

As a mom, you hardly have time to frequent stores in person anyway, so although it’s usually out of convenience, there are also budget perks! Searching all the online stores allow you to find the best price (shipping costs considered, too!). Google’s shopping tab is a great way to search all the stores and it will even show you sale prices on at the moment. As a rule, I compare prices from at least three places before buying anything and I’ll even wait for a sale if I know it’s coming.

Shop The Sales

I mentioned it already, but signing up to those sale emails helps you maximize those savings when you can. Never pay full price!! Most of my baby products were bought on sale or with a coupon code from these email subscriptions.

Emails worth signing up to – Bed Bath & Beyond, Indigo, H&M and Gap / Old Navy.

Purchase Diapers Through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save

Pre-baby, I had honestly never bought anything from Amazon because I was too nervous I’d get scammed with a product. Well, I’m officially converted Amazon shopper and I’m pretty sure the delivery guys know my house by now, especially during the baby-proofing stage! We have been Amazon Prime members for a while so we’re taking advantage of the free delivery plus 15% savings on subscribe & save products.

Monthly – Pampers Diapers.

Every second month – Hydrasense Nasal Spray, Baby Wipes, Diaper Pail Refills.

Tip: Put a reminder in your phone calendar to check subscriptions every month before the order is finalized to change anything up like diaper sizes. (Mine is set for the 18th of every month!)

Join The Loyalty Programs

I know it seems like an added thing to worry about, but being in certain programs do pay off. For diapers, I load the codes into my Pampers Club App every time I unpack the box. I have since been able to redeem my points for Amazon gift cards! Indigo is a favourite for baby toys or things like upgrading sleep sack sizes. Their Plum loyalty program allows you to earn points every time you purchase something from them which converts into savings as well.

The Loyalty Programs I Love: Pampers Rewards, Indigo Plum.

I Always Check Honey For Coupon Codes

Honey is installed on my web browser so every time I shop at one of their stores like H&M, Gap, Old Navy, and Indigo, they automatically apply the latest codes they know of to save you money! Plus, you can rack up Gold points that you can redeem for cash or other rewards. It’s a double whammy when you shop at Indigo since you earn Honey Gold PLUS Indigo points.

You can sign up to Honey here!

Use Referral Codes When You Can!

I choose to shop minimally for Riley but I definitely still purchases good quality, pricier items. We’ve invested in the Lovevery Playkits and purchase cute toys like the Cuddle + Kind dolls. But most of these brands have referral codes that you can use to save you money. It’s also usually a win-win because your referrer will earn a discount, too. And for us, we’re always grateful when you use one of our links! Once you’ve signed up, be sure to refer to your own friends with your own referral link! So, before you press complete cart, do a quick search. I’ll always save our baby product referral codes here:

Cuddle + Kind Hand Knit Dolls – Save 20%

Lovevery Playkits – Save US$20 on your First Subscription.

Stay Brand Loyal At Stores That Do Double Duty

When you combine all of these tips, you’ll find that you can save on a sale using a Honey code PLUS earn points on your purchase through Honey AND sometimes even earn points with the loyalty program. For example, buying at Indigo will earn me points through Plum and Honey Gold. Purchasing clothes at Gap, Honey will apply the best money-saving coupon codes plus earn me Honey Gold that I can redeem in gift cards later, too.

Buy Ahead For Seasons During Sales

Okay, take this tip with a pinch of salt because it can one hundred percent backfire if your baby has a growth spurt at random times. BUT I have started buying ahead for seasons and sizes that Riley will need in the future when I come across a sale. That doesn’t mean I go ham on clothes, but I try get the things I like for less. I also purchase similar coloured items that I can use with different outfits, like a capsule wardrobe for a baby! In order to remember what I’ve bought for each age group, I have the products saved to a Pinterest Board for each age. Extra, I know! But it keeps me organized. It’s also great to have the saved product image if I ever want to sell the clothes at a later stage.

I hope this was helpful and that it saved you some money on baby product purchases you would have made anyway. As always, never pay full price!

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