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April 4, 2018

With no future travel plans set in stone, we’re reminiscing on all our trips lately and rounding up our Travel Diaries that we’ve posted so far. Find out about our favourites, our not-so-favourites and some hot tips for each of these destinations! San Francisco, California, USA: The reason we headed off to San Francisco for the […]

With no future travel plans set in stone, we’re reminiscing on all our trips lately and rounding up our Travel Diaries that we’ve posted so far. Find out about our favourites, our not-so-favourites and some hot tips for each of these destinations!

San Francisco, California, USA:

The reason we headed off to San Francisco for the weekend was actually to celebrate Craig’s birthday! It didn’t start off well, as I actually booked the wrong hotel (insert facepalm)… but you’ll read in our travel diary that it actually all worked out for the best. We definitely ate at some really awesome eateries, so be sure to add those to your list for your next visit. And don’t worry, more blog posts on California are coming! 🙂

Would Not Miss Out On: Staying at the Proper Hotel! It’s new, trendy & they’ve got the best rooftop bar in town! Also, the GLUTEN FREE CROISSANT!

Could Have Skipped: Chinatown — not unlike any other Chinatown you’ve seen.

Wish We Had: Stayed for longer & added a Napa Valley Trip.

Next Time: Napa Valley for sure!

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Cancun, Mexico:

Read our Day in Paradise and tell me you wouldn’t book a week away at the Royalton Riviera immediately! The luxury and modern resort was the perfect getaway from the Canadian Winter in March. We came back tanned, relaxed and well-fed! It’s true, all-inclusives can be a hit or a miss. But, this resort and holiday would be a hit — at least for what we wanted and needed this holiday! Our swim up room made all the difference too!

Would Not Miss Out On: A swim-up pool room!

Could Have Skipped: Waking up 3 nights out of the 6 from noisy neighbours.

Wish We Had: Booked the adult-only section! Haha

Next Time: I want to try some other parts of Mexico before returning to Cancun for a 4th time!

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Banff, Alberta, Canada:

Banff is one of my favourite ‘local’ getaways now that we live in Alberta, Canada! It’s only a 4-hour drive from Edmonton and I am an absolute sucker for the views of the mountains. But if I’m being real, it holds a sentimental value too: Craig and I actually got engaged there on Christmas Day, the second month after we had moved here! We’ve been back a few times since and most recently, a few weekends ago, when Craig’s sister was visiting. We decided to be their local tour guides and show them around the town plus a few of our favourite things. You can get the full itinerary here, but it includes amazing views from above and winter wonderland ice castles you’re bound to want to selfie in. This blog post also offers up some more Banff inspo!

Would Not Miss Out On: Having Drinks at the Ice Bar in Lake Louise during Winter!

Could Have Skipped: Nearly falling on my bottom the whole way up and down Tunnel Mountain. But then again, we wouldn’t have had roll-on-the-floor-laughing-kind-of-giggles. That said, next time, I’ll be sure to have the proper winter shoes!

Wish We Had: Gone Dogsledding! It’s still on my list to do!

Next Time: We will go in Summer! There are some beautiful hikes we’d like to do!

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New York City, USA:

Our New York weekend turned into a New York Minute (literally) all because we missed ONE flight. That one flight snowballed into us spending two days in the airport until we could catch the next flight out from Toronto due to the untimely commencement of a winter snow storm. Needless to say, our Travel Diary in NYC is not an all encompassing guide on how to do NYC, but rather how to dip your toes in this incredible, bucket-list destination! We still managed to do quite a bit: we visited Grand Central Station, the Oculus, the World Trade Centre, and, of course, some awesome foodie spots. Highlight of it all? Getting to visit Ground Zero at midnight. Bet you’ve never heard that before!

Would Not Miss Out On: Because I’m no NYC pro YET, I’ll leave this out until we know better. Already planning to go back!

Could Have Skipped: Nothing, bearing in mind, we only did a limited amount of things!

Wish We Had: Spent more time there obviously. But we will definitely be back!

Next Time: We will go for a whole week — preferably in Spring or Fall — with no snowstorm possibilities! And we will probably stay more uptown Manhattan.

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Cape Town, South Africa:

Cape Town is one of my favourite cities in the world. And yes, I might be a little biased, but then you’ll just have to go visit to see if I’m right. You’ll also want to stay at one of these gorgeous hotels. I visited in December, without Craig, but luckily we will be heading back together this time for yet another warm Christmas! We will be sure to cover everything on our list to do here: beach; wine-tasting; and eating up a storm.

Would Not Miss Out On: A Day in Franschhoek, my Favourite Place in the World!

Could Have Skipped: The Peak Time Traffic! December gets crazy — the whole of South Africa heads to the Cape!

Wish We Had: Gone on a sunrise hike up Lions Head — my favourite view in the city! It’s on my list of things you MUST do in Cape Town!

Next Time: We’re going to act a bit more like a tourist in our (ex) home city! December 2018 coming soon!

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Vancouver, BC, Canada:

This was a mix of business and pleasure, as my entire travel crew were actually in town for a conference and I just tagged along, because why not? So, my week was spent soloing it up mostly within walking distance and always with an umbrella in hand! To be honest, I kind of love Vancouver rainy and grey for a while! It’s cosy and comforting, and it was fun to experience it in another way compared to our previous two summer visits — 4 Days here, and 24 Hours here.

Would Not Miss Out On: The Capilano Suspension Bridge! (Even on a Rainy Day!)

Could Have Skipped: Dinner out every night for a week.

Wish We Had: No regrets! It was the easygoing week we needed!

Next Time: We will visit Victoria and surrounding areas. I think we’ve done Raincouver quite well!

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Jasper, Alberta, Canada:

Like Banff, Jasper is our quick mountain getaway! Each offer up something slightly different — Jasper feels a bit like a relaxing nature reserve getaway whereas Banff feels like a gorgeous and bustling winter town. We haven’t been in Summer yet, but we’ve been twice now in Fall and we love the weather that time of year!

Would Not Miss Out On: A Sunrise at one of the Lakes — We’ve done Lake Maligne & it’s stunning!

Wish We Had: Spent longer there, and stayed at the Jasper Park Lodge!

Next Time: We’re heading straight for the spa at Jasper Park Lodge!

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Santorini, Greece:

Most people LOVE our photos from Santorini the most, and I won’t lie, I’m pretty obsessed with them too. But it’s really hard not to take a gorgeous photo in Santorini. Every corner has the most incredible backdrop! This trip truly was in the top 5 life experiences, and I actually would like to go back one day — prepared for the huge expense!

Would Not Miss Out On: This Airbnb villa in Santorini that we booked for our trip — see the sunset pictures we got from our rooftop deck here!

Could Have Skipped: The Flight Delays on the way to Greece and all the other not-so-favourite moments we listed in this post.

Wish We Had: Extended our visit to stay in Mykonos and Crete too!

Next Time: We will probably book a hotel in Santorini, because YOLO.

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Which is your favourite? What’s on your to do list? Tell me below! I’d love to know!

~ Leigh

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