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December 31, 2017

2017, what a year you have been! I remember ending last year, writing our recap of 2016, and thinking to myself: “I really hope we travel so much more next year”, as if we had hardly done anything in 2016. Every year, I look back on our travels, I realize more and more that we […]

2017, what a year you have been! I remember ending last year, writing our recap of 2016, and thinking to myself: “I really hope we travel so much more next year”, as if we had hardly done anything in 2016. Every year, I look back on our travels, I realize more and more that we are just incredibly blessed to be able to explore the world as much as we do. I remember a time when I spent a good amount of my life pinning travel quotes to Pinterest boards in the hopes that my vision board would come alive… Well.. I’ve officially run out of pages in my passport! So, you could say I’m pretty lucky! Read a long to see what we got up to this year and what we loved about each of our holidays:

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We started off our International travels for the year with a spontaneous all-inclusive trip to Mexico after we received our Canadian Permanent Residency. It was MUCH needed after a very long Winter and it was well worth it. Beach holidays are always a different type of holiday for us. There is no real pressure to sightsee or rush anywhere and we fully maximise relax time as much as we can. This holiday has to win most relaxing of the year! But also, best value for money — with drinks, food, an amazing hotel room all included for $3000!

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Los Angeles, USA

Although it was a slow start to the year, when we really got started travelling, we hit the ground running. No but really. We had barely landed from Mexico when we were off again to LA. Craig and I did not really have LA on our radar, but friends were going and we decided to join — and we’re so glad we did! For 3 days, we had some of the best food I’ve had all year so LA has to win foodie city of the year — hence the blog post on where to eat in Downtown LA! We also brought our inner-child with a quick visit to Universal Studios too! We cannot wait to return!

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Santa Monica

Calgary, Canada

Calgary is our quick getaway when we need it, so of course we went a few times this year. You might have read all about our food adventures on our blog post here, where we got to try out some of the best restaurants in Downtown. I could never complain about foodie weekends!

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Santorini, Greece

It felt like the whole year was working itself up to this one holiday: Greece! And if you haven’t seen the millions of stunning photos boasting stunning views, then you’ve been living under a rock because I went a little mad on Instagram and the blog! Santorini wins the award for the most photographic holiday everBUT ALSO MOST EXPENSIVE! But it came with it’s issues as I explained in our blog post on Best & Worst moments of our Greek Holiday.

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Lefkada, Greece

This destination was the one that we probably would never have ever visited had it not been with our friends. It’s probably the one destination on this list that you won’t know of. We visited for a week after Santorini and loved the relaxing island vibe (except for the crazy Greek drivers). I have never seen such turquoise water in my life and we also managed to score the best villa on the island.

Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Yet another spontaneously booked trip, we decided to take Craig’s mom to the mountains on her visit to Canada. This was my favourite visit to Jasper so far! We did so much. We visited the Pyramid Lake and Island, as well as Maligne Lake, just as the sun was rising. The only thing that could have made this trip better if we had somehow squeezed in some massages at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

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Vancouver, Canada

We actually went to Vancouver TWICE this year. And it probably won’t be my last, seeing as I always need a new visa to go somewhere! In August, we went for 4 days and really tried to squeeze in as much as possible. So much so, we walked 25km in one day — Yup, bordering on a marathon, it wins the holiday where we walked the most! Our second visit, in November, was more of a relaxing trip (I know, how unusual for us!), and I really milked the hotel life as much as I could! But this trip is actually one of the top contenders of the whole year — with no real rush to get around, and the Christmas and festive spirit around, it was the perfect getaway for 5 days.

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Durban, South Africa

I was lucky enough to visit my seaside, hometown TWICE this year. Actually, as I write this, I am still here for another week and a bit. So yes, I escaped some of Edmonton’s winter for sunny South Africa and after yesterday’s -44, I am so grateful! But I really am the worst tourist when I visit Durban nowadays. The poolside at home is where you’ll usually find me but I do hope to pack in some exciting tips over the next few days to start of 2018 right.

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Cape Town, South Africa

My Mom and I literally just landed back in Durban, my hometown, after a quick 5 day visit to the Mother City. Cape Town is to date, still one of my favourite places in the world (along with Franschhoek, only an hours drive from the City)! Highlights from the trip obviously include a day trip to Franschhoek, dinner at the Test Kitchen and drinks with a view at the new Silo Hotel (one for the bucket-list for sure! It was even on my Top 8 List of the Best Hotels in Cape Town).

Here’s what we did over our five summer days in the Mother City! 

How was your 2017? Any exciting travels? Tell me about it! I’d love to get ideas for our 2018 Travel Goals!

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