The Sunday Diary: Two Weeks in Our New House

Aug 18, 2019

I’ve been toying with the idea of weekly updates for a while now, especially with the move to Calgary. There’s so much happening on a weekly basis that I don’t always have time to share on Instagram. Our Sundays are always a little slower, with me planning for the week ahead and Craig relaxing before he goes back to work on Monday. So, here’s a weekly diary that you can expect to find on the blog every Sunday with a little bit of everything.

1 – This move has been a whirlwind so far. From deciding to move, to frantically scrambling to find a place to stay, all the while trying to work on the new website and wrapping up my work at Craig’s current clinic, it’s been CHAOS! So much so, the blog took a back seat and I completely forgot to post to Instagram for nearly a whole month. Yay for my first post in forever.

2 – After two weeks of going to sleep with no window treatments, we’re finally looking into blinds, curtains and drapes. I’m in love with these two-toned curtains via @kellynuttdesign with the bamboo blinds combo. Expect way more home decor posts and topics while we try kit our new home.

3 – Did you see the sneak peek of our website design by With Grace and Gold? The ladies shared a screenshot over on their Instagram and it shows off one of my favourite features: some new shoppable areas. The new design will also show off some detailed city guides that you can easily navigate and customise. First up, Edmonton’s Guide! Stayed tuned.

4 – We started our first official week of date nights this week. It was so difficult to plan a weekly date night when we were living in Barrhead, an hour away from most of our favourite restaurants. This week we went to River Cafe for dinner and it was lovely treat! I’m currently working on a bucketlist of date night ideas and spots in Calgary to share soon if you’re just as keen to up your date night game.

5 – We also visited the Calgary Farmer’s Market for the first time and loved it! We bought salmon burgers (from Market Seafood), a chicken (from Blush Lane) that’s busy roasting in our oven as well as some fresh produce to incorporate into this week’s dinners. Next time though, I’ll need to take more totes like these below:

6 – About that chicken roast: we’re trying a new recipe, a la Jamie Oliver style tonight, and I am so excited. I grew up with weekly roast dinners with my family and can’t think of anything more comforting (but still healthy) for dinner.

7 – You’re probably wondering when our next vacation is, considering we normally travel a fair bit. But, with buying a new house, while our first house is still on the market, it’s a bit unrealistic for us to travel monthly like we used do. For now, our next trip will be Vancouver in November but I must say, I really am wishing Paris was on the agenda. Of course, we would add Reims to the itinerary because… Champagne (duh!). Have you read our Travel Guide on Reims yet? If you haven’t, you should. It’s a must when you’re in France.

Champagne Tasting in Reims. France | Paris Day Trip

8 – With the stress of the move, I had no idea how rundown I actually was. I landed up at the doctor’s on Monday with a severe ear infection so it’s been a difficult week of trying to settle in to the new house and new neighbourhood. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a new start and we finally get back into routine.

Sending you good vibes for this week! ~ L



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