How Our New York Weekend Turned Into A New York Minute

February 23, 2018

You will have already seen on Instagram that we had MAJOR flight delays this past weekend on our way to our much anticipated getaway in New York. So much so that our New York weekend turned into a New York DAY. And by day, I mean just over 24 hours to explore this incredible city […]

You will have already seen on Instagram that we had MAJOR flight delays this past weekend on our way to our much anticipated getaway in New York. So much so that our New York weekend turned into a New York DAY. And by day, I mean just over 24 hours to explore this incredible city that has been on my bucket-list for YEARS. YEARS!! Let’s just let that sink in a little. Are you also wondering why I didn’t have an absolute meltdown because of it?! Well, because the whole don’t-cry-over-spilt-milk yada yada. But also because I can pretty much guarantee we will be back, but with a direct flight, in a non-snowy season!

Bearing all this in mind, while this is a travel diary of what we did in New York, this is by no means ‘A Guide to Doing NYC in 24 Hours’. First of all, one should NEVER cram a city like NYC into a day. Same goes for Paris (See 5 Days). And two, we had other priorities on this trip: a friend’s birthday celebration & a clear, but subconscious wish to get fat on NYC food. Plus the rain was a buzzkill for any outdoor activities including the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park (Sigh). So, here’s how we made the most of our New York Minute!

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Getting To NYC:

Just to recap our flight delays: we missed our early flight to Toronto, because of so many reasons, but then that snowballed into us missing our connection in Toronto to NYC because bad weather and could not catch another flight out that night due to several flights being cancelled. Just our luck! We tried literally everything we could think of. We even nearly went via Atlanta to get to NYC that night, but decided against getting stuck there. Basically, had we not missed our initial flight which did make it to NYC (with our luggage), we would have had nearly two extra days in NYC! Instead, we had two days in the Toronto Airport and saw nothing there either!

Layover in Toronto:

Luckily, we got put up in an airport hotel nearby which wasn’t bad and we managed to make the most out of a bad travel situation (i.e. we checked-in, headed to the nearest restaurant and proceeded to have a very expensive meal with a large amount fo alcohol to calm the travel nerves). While we might have slept soundly that night, we weren’t in the clear yet! We arrived back at the Pearson Airport the next day super early for our flight — just in case — and kept checking the flight board nervously for flight changes or cancellations. Luckily, our flight was only delayed a further hour and a half, and by 6pm, we finally took off from the runway.

Finally Landed!

Once we landed, we made a mad dash to find our luggage, grab a taxi and rush straight to our dinner reservations, all bags in tow! We did not have time to make a stop at the hotel to drop them off and still get to the reservation on time so we luckily were able to check them in with the concierge at the hotel connected to the restaurant. Thank goodness, because I had visions of us all sitting in a fancy, but small NYC restaurant with stuffed luggage under our table! We already looked like dregs in the clothes from the day before. Could you imagine the looks?!

Dinner at Cafe Boulud:

Our friends had booked all our meal reservations on our behalf, and boy did they pick well! Cafe Boulud, the Michelin-Starred restaurant, did not disappoint! We ordered lots of champagne to make up for the travel worries, and I indulged in the best truffle risotto I’ve ever had! It was a pricey affair, but so worth it.

Checking Into The Beekman Hotel:

I think it was close to midnight when we finally got to check-in at our hotel, the Beekman Hotel — part of the Thompson group of Hotels. This gorgeous, historical gem of a building is unlike any hotel we’ve ever stayed at! The amazing 9-story atrium is the main feature of the hotel, but the design and decor is eclectic and moody! Check out this video about the design here. It’s also on the more reasonable side of hotel prices than some of the other luxury, 5-star hotels. We paid just ±$300 a night + Tax with our Genius discount added. The Beekman is also located nearby some of Manhattan’s most cherished attractions, including the Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center.

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New York Minute

 Breakfast at Le Coucou:

This Bar, guys. Seriously. I’ve been swooning over it on Instagram, but have you ever seen one so Instagram-worthy?! It’s pretty much the reason I was dying to go to this place for breakfast! We originally had it booked for Saturday, which we evidently could not have made. But luckily, we could make a last minute change for a very early breakfast at 9 am. Read all about our experience on our Instagram post below!

This bar is serious life goals. Like I am ???? percent replicating it in our ‘one day house’. It’s literally on every NYC IT girls feed, but it’s on min because of the orange hues ????????‍♀️???????? Jokes. It’s a fancy little French restaurant that we popped into on our Sunday in NYC. And by popped into, I mean we booked a month in advance. It was SO cute but SO French. The waiter literally looked disgusted when I asked what was gluten-free ????????????‍♀️ His reply ‘fruit’ gave me the best giggle, cause like why would I fly for two days to have fruit right?! ????????????????‍♀️ Long story short, I did not have fruit. But I also didn’t have the delicious looking Pain au chocolate being eaten by my brunch-mates at the table! ???? _____________________________________________________ #yeg #usa???????? #yeggers #newyorknewyork #newyork_ig #newyorkcity #newyork #nyc #VentureBeyond #cnntravel #bbctravel #usa #travelphotography #oculus #travelusa #nyc???? #travel #travelblogger #traveldiaries #lovetotravel #ilovetravel #travelcouples #travelcouplebloggers #travelbloggers #nyc_instagram #newyorkigers #newyorkiloveyou #lecoucou #nycfood #nycbrunch

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New York

Grand Central Station:

It’s just a thing to do, so we did it! We stopped off at Grand Central Station to get our stereotypical, touristy NYC pics! And I loved it! Some touristy things I just geek out over and this was one of them.

New York

Drinks at the Bar Room:

Hotel Bar Room is the moody, comfortable vibe that I’ll take over a loud, crowded club any day. This place looked like the local hangout buzzing on a Sunday night! We pre-drank it up before hitting our late dinner reservation and took in the vibrant atmosphere. This bar is definitely my kind of hangout! And how perfect to have it just a few floors below your hotel room?!

New York Minute

Dinner at Lilia in Brooklyn:

This place apparently needs a month’s booking in advance! Luckily our friend took care of that — Thanks Teaan! Lilia is a casual, Italian eatery in Brooklyn that has rave reviews! Well, I’m not surprised! I’m still raving about that chocolate cake dessert! We ordered a variety of things on their extensive menu including the artichoke, the cauliflower, the beans and then our mains. The boys all ordered pasta as I looked on longingly — If only this place did GF pasta! But I had the fish and that was fresh and light after a long day of NYC eats! Check out the menu here.

Ground Zero — The World Trade Centre & The Oculus

On the way back to the hotel, we took advantage of the fact that the rain had finally stopped, and we got out of the cab near Ground Zero to check out the World Trade Centre and the Oculus. I know this place gets suuuper busy so I am actually kind of glad we made the midnight trek. It was chilling walking around this place so late, with no one around, which I think was the perfect setting to really take in the scene.

New York

New York Minute

Shoutout to the Birthday Boy! Teaan, thank you for being extra and having your birthday in NYC! So glad we went!

Next Up: Banff!

We’re off to our next adventure today — back to the mountains! And I cannot wait to take a million photos (as usual). Do you remember our visit to Jasper a few months ago before winter hit? Those Mountain-Lake views kill me! Let’s hope Craig is keen on early morning photo ops this time! 😉

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