Our Most Used Baby Products From Newborn To Three Months

May 13, 2021

Wondering which baby products are the best for newborns? We have used almost all of these products daily in the past three months since Riley arrived. Some are newborn must-haves, some are just baby products that have added a great deal of convenience which is so helpful when you’re sleep-deprived or struggling with time. Use […]

Wondering which baby products are the best for newborns? We have used almost all of these products daily in the past three months since Riley arrived. Some are newborn must-haves, some are just baby products that have added a great deal of convenience which is so helpful when you’re sleep-deprived or struggling with time. Use this guide of baby products on Amazon with direct links to build your Amazon Baby Registry!

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Diapering Products:

Pampers Swaddlers

Although there are some really cute diapers on the market, we decided on Pampers Swaddlers for Riley because we like that it shows the blue line once it is wet. We also buy them through Amazon subscription and save 20%, but you must remember to continually update size as needed (which can be a little difficult as a sleep-deprived mom, so set reminders on your phone).

Baby Wipes + Wipes Dispenser

I thought the dispenser was an unnecessary baby purchase but I have used it daily and love it for the Pampers wipes which don’t close like the Hello Bello wipes.


Keekaroo Peanut Changer

We also went with the Keekaroo Peanut Change Pad because it’s so much easier to clean. We use the Honest All Purpose Balm as diaper cream because it gets rid of any diaper rashes within a day, but we also love the local option, Rocky Mountain Baby Bum Balm. Lastly, Craig decided on the Diaper Genie which I think looks sleeker than the other diaper pails. We buy the pail refills from Amazon subscription too and save 15%.


Playtex Diaper Genie Pail

We ordered ours from BBB with a 25% coupon off!

Diaper Pail Refills

Another Amazon Subscribe & Save Item!

For this second wake window, I get out the nasal spray, the snot-sucker and nail file while Riley is still on the change table. She keeps relatively still and it’s easy for me to get it done then while she’s still happy post-nap.

Bath Time Products:

Initially, Riley did not love bath time, but with most things, it takes trying it several times or letting the baby get used to it. When we started including bath time in our bedtime routine, Riley started enjoying it more and more. We are a little insane with making sure it is a pampered experience for her, however, so she gets two hooded towels warmed up: one for before bath, and one for after. I have noticed that hooded towels are pretty pricey but this one from Indigo isn’t too bad.

Electric Nail Trimmer

Cheapest option is Amazon, but also available at Indigo.

Fridababy Snotsucker

You can also buy them from Indigo and BBB.

Hydrasense Nasal Spray

Another Amazon Subscribe & Save Item for us! We have it scheduled for every two months.

Feeding Products:

Since I ended up exclusively pumping, and then formula-feeding, I had to get a few more bottles than I had planned. I wanted glass bottles so I started out with the Avent ones, but once we realized Riley had colic and reflux symptoms, we switched to Dr Browns. The 5oz ones are perfect for all her feedings at three months, but I love the narrow 4oz bottles for the middle of the night feedings and top ups. The glass bottles are much easier to clean than the plastic ones, and they seem to last longer. The plastic bottles eventually get quite cloudy which put me off.

Every morning we give Riley her probiotic (also available from and they often have it on sale), which helps her belly because newborns struggle with gas pain. When we moved to formula-feeding, we decided to get the Baby Brezza formula dispenser (Amazon had the best price) and it just makes life so much easier. These muslin burp cloths are super absorbent and are the best at soaking up spit up or just placing it as a makeshift bib when feeding. I used this nursing pillow when I was breastfeeding and I still use it for bottle-feeding, tummy time and to support my arms when holding Riley.

Sleeping Products:

We’ve really got into a groove with Riley’s sleep in the last month, but it’s mostly because we’ve been consistent with her routine. This sound machine is really integral to our whole routine and is super helpful in creating the perfect sleep environment for Riley. We started with a normal swaddle blanket (like these) because Craig had mastered the swaddle technique but we’ve since moved onto the Love to Dream Swaddle. Riley seems to prefer her hands up and she kept breaking out of the swaddle so it seemed like she was ready for the change. It’s also recommended that you transition out of the swaddle at 8 weeks or at the first sign of rolling. Riley isn’t rolling from back to front yet, but she does roll to her side at night so we’ve just transitioned out by using the swaddle with the zip of wings.

We’re now completely transitioned to a sleep sack, with arms out in zippered sleepers (onesies) for bedtime. The Kyte sleepers are so soft but these Canadian ones by Parade Organics are a bit cheaper. We’ve also bought some from Old Navy and Carter’s, but at the moment we prefer the ones with the foldable mitts now that her hands are out of the swaddle. I would suggest getting two of whichever swaddle or sleep sack that you go with because when they spit-up or pee through their diapers, there isn’t always enough time during a wake window to get it cleaned for the next nap.

Play Time / Wake Windows Products:

Our most used item during wake windows is definitely the Play Gym by Lovevery. It’s a safe place to lay baby while you do a few things for yourself (like try get ready for the day, I feel you mama!). At 3 months, Riley also independently plays on the mat for a few minutes in each wake window. You can put it on your Amazon Baby Registry and use the completion discount on it, too! Beyond that, I have chosen not to overbuy on random toys. Instead, we’ve chosen to subscribe to Lovevery’s Playkits since you receive age-appropriate toys with guides on how and when to introduce them. So far, it’s all I’ve needed to get for Riley. The second Playkit (3-4 months) has even come with teethers so I don’t need to buy those either. You can use this link to save $20 when you sign up!

Another spot that we let Riley lounge in or nap in (while being watched) is the Snuggle Me Organic. When we go on walks, we use this Milksnob Carseat cover because of the sunshine.

I hope this post was helpful for you to plan ahead for your little one in the newborn months! We continue to update our most used baby product list, along with daily recommendations over on Instagram where you can see what we get up to with Riley.

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