The Ultimate Guide on Where To Eat in Downtown LA

June 28, 2017

Guys. Why did no one tell me that LA is basically foodie heaven?! I ate my weight in food. No jokes. We ate out every meal. But I don’t regret a thing. It’s no secret that we travel to eat, and some cities boast way too many eateries to choose from. Yup, #Guilty, sometimes our […]

Guys. Why did no one tell me that LA is basically foodie heaven?! I ate my weight in food. No jokes. We ate out every meal. But I don’t regret a thing. It’s no secret that we travel to eat, and some cities boast way too many eateries to choose from. Yup, #Guilty, sometimes our travel diaries are filled more of foodie spots than tourists sights. So, to help you out, here are a few of my recommendations for the LA Downtown area. While you at, you might also want to read our Los Angeles Travel Diary here


Bottega Louie (700 S Grand Ave, CA 90017)

Craig had spotted this place on the drive in to downtown towards our hotel. BUT he hadn’t checked the name, he just reckoned it was totally our vibe. Small problem though, Craig sucks at direction, so we had no way of figuring out where this magical place was.

We ended up being recommended this place for breakfast, and as Craig walked up to the street, he realised, as fate would have it, that we had actually found his restaurant! Luck again was on our side when we accidentally found ourselves in line at the waiter’s desk for the actual restaurant section to open at 9am — skipping several other people who then queued behind us.

What we hadn’t realised was that the restaurant was actually a bakery/cafe, with a separate area for meals. We got a table quickly and had impeccable service from our stunning waitress. The menu is french-inspired but varied with quite a list to choose from. In fact, I had difficult choosing! In the end, Craig and I shared the Parfait yoghurt & muesli (which is gluten-free) and then had egg dishes.

If I went again? I’d have that Parfait dish a hundred times over. The Greek yoghurt is fresh, thick and creamy with a hint of lemon zest to cut the bitterness with a tang. The Nuthouse muesli is heavenly, but you can expect no less from a bakery. And the strawberries, heavenly. Craig and I still talk about this dish. Yet, it’s so simple. Stay tuned for a replication.

They’re also open for lunch and dinner, so don’t limit this gem to a breakfast option. Check out the menus below.

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Menu

G & B Coffee at Grand Central Market (317 S Broadway, CA 90013)

Markets are by far my favourite thing in this world (if you haven’t already seen on previous blogs) and this particular one was an absolute gem. We had walked through the market in the evening just to have a look and it was definitely a lot busier, but instead we popped in our last morning for a quick coffee and breakfast for way more chilled vibes.

We had their muesli with milk (mine, almond milk) but we were immediately food jealous of the two next to us chomping on a freshly baked waffle (which smelt more like a croissant). AH. Food envy was real. Times like these when I hate being gluten-intolerant. But you should do it. Seriously. And their coffee, 10 out of 10. There are also plenty other stalls at the Market that will definitely strike your fancy. Follow Grand Central Market on Twitter here.

Website | Instagram | Twitter


Otium (222 South Hope Street, CA 90012)

Otium, was another restaurant that we happened upon – and by happened upon, I mean we did a Google search of restaurants in the area and this one made the cut. It’s a contemporary restaurant situated beside the Broad Museum. We strolled in at around 2pm on a Saturday to a packed. Instead of waiting on a table, we opted for the bar. Make use of those barmen and grab a cocktail or two – they’re incredible! The Peanut Butter and Jelly Cocktail is mind-blowingly odd but surprisingly great.

This pick was my favourite out of the lot and we would even break my rule of always trying something new: and return a second time! BUT I’d book ahead!

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Menu | Reservations

Kreation Organic (Several locations online found here)

If you want to do like the celebrities, hit up this juice joint for an all-health-errythang. It’s all organic, gluten-free, freshly-made, and raw. If you want a recommendation? Go with the Immortal Transform Smoothie. It’s the best smoothie I’ve ever had! It’s also packed full with nutrients. Website | Instagram | Menu


Water Grill (Several locations but we went to the Downtown LA location)

To be totally honest, this was the only place Downtown that we could get a last minute booking for Saturday night. We were definitely unprepared for the food scene that awaited us. In future, I’d come armed with pre-booked and pre-planned meal outings but this wasn’t a bad spot to end up either. The buzzing restaurant was packed at 9pm – and is evidently a popular one with the locals. Craig and I both had seafood, of course, and the food was impeccable. BUT if you only order mains, I’d order an additional side of veg! Website | Instagram | Menu | Reservations

Broken Spanish (1050 S Flower St, CA 90015)

Another one of my favourites, the food was divine. This Mexican/Latin restaurant is more of a hip, casual eatery. And again, I’d keep returning to this one.  We each had a starter and shared two of the big mains. There was not one bite left.

Website | Instagram | Menu | Reservations


Birds & Bees (207 S Broadway, CA 90012)

This hidden gem (quite literally) is off the beaten path. In fact, we struggled to find it with no signage just a mere bee-hive symbol on the floor-path alongside a building – and just by that, it’s cool factor escalated majorly for me. Not many places survive off little or no outside advertising, so the fact that this place is busy almost every night, must make it worth the initial game of “Where the eff is this bar?!”

If I didn’t think the place was cool enough yet, they go and decorate the bar in full-industrial-basement-retro-chic gear and then I’m one hundred percent sold the cool kids hang out here.L

While the cocktails (that we tasted) were not my favourites in LA (Otium takes the cake on that one), they did the job and the atmosphere made it one of the best nights.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Everson Royce (1936 E 7th St, CA 90021)

Hidden bars were the theme of the weekend in LA – clearly. But I think this one was my favourite. The jug of margaritas went down too quickly, and the snacky foods filled the spot until dinner. The beautifully lit courtyard buzzing with music and people chatting added to the incredible atmosphere.

Yes, this place didn’t look like much from outside, especially because we felt like it was in a  particularly dodgy area in Downtown LA. Even our Uber driver was worried about us when dropping us off. BUT looks are really deceiving. So go check it out for yourself.

Website | Instagram | Reservations | Menu

I hope you enjoyed reading all about our food adventures in LA. I’m sure your mouth is watering – like mine was while writing this! Please let me know if you visit any of these!


Thanks for stopping by and be sure to follow along on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook.

~ Leigh



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