Life Lately: We’re Moving + The New Website

Jun 12, 2019


It’s been a whole three weeks since I posted on here or Instagram. But we’ve been really busy since we headed back to South Africa for two weeks. So, here’s a quick update on what’s been going on:

We’re Moving!

It feels strange announcing it, because we’re a little sad to be leaving Edmonton (and Barrhead) after nearly four years. We bought a beautiful home that we love, we’ve made incredible friends and we will both be leaving a comfortable work environment for something new. BUT: It just feels right. It’s an opportunity we can’t give up right now.

Where are we moving? Well some of you probably would have guessed it… Calgary. We’ve loved the city since our first proper visit in 2016 and Craig has always said he could see us living there. Call it power of manifestation, but a job offer fell into Craig’s lap that he could not turn down. Lucky for us, Edmonton is only a three hour drive so we will still be visiting friends and our favourite spots often!

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Since we’ve decided to move, we’ve had to focus on getting notifications out to Craig’s patients and training the ladies to do my duties (which means longer Clinic hours for me), cleaning up the house to get it sale-ready, and finding a place to stay in Calgary (which has been the biggest struggle for us). So, any house-selling tips you have, send them my way!

I thought that this IG Wall in Edmonton has the best quote that relates to our lives right now and I keep reminding myself, this is all happening for a reason.

The New Website:

I’ve been hinting at it for months and working on it for months, but I realised I needed to create some distance between me and the design in order to actually get it finished. Being a perfectionist, and ever indecisive, usually means I struggle to say “I’m done!” because I always feel like there is more I could do.

Although I’ve given up ‘control’ of the actual design, I still have ‘homework’ to get done to make sure that the website reflects what I want. So, of course, that is keeping me rather busy too! I’ve dreamed of a website that would be the ultimate user-experience and, I know, left in the hands of the two ladies I’ve contacted, it will be exactly that! 🙂

The new website will probably only be live in August, but I’ll update you as I know more. We will have a full week of giveaways for the launch!

Sorry about being MIA, but I’m back,


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