Life Update: What We’ve Been Up To

Oct 1, 2020


Wow, it’s been a while. Remember me? The break from blogging wasn’t planned, but sort of just happened in amongst morning sickness and me starting a new online course. In a nutshell, 2020 has got the best of me, and I’m pretty sure that’s no surprise. We’re all wanting a do-over at this point in the year (or a straight skip-to-2021). So, let’s spend some time recapping what’s been going on and just why we’ve been MIA:

1 – If you missed the news before: we’re pregnant! It was totally planned but I think I was still completely caught off guard with how quickly it happened. That, alongside four weeks of pretty intense nausea, caused me to be completely overwhelmed by Week 11, especially at the thought of an incoming baby. Week 12 brought with it some excitement over the gender reveal and, since then, it’s all felt a little more manageable. If you missed the gender reveal photo here, you really should go have a look at them because they are the funniest reactions. I sobbed for 30 minutes straight. Happy tears, of course. I’m now 22 weeks and overdue on a pregnancy blog post — it’s coming!

2 – Another update is about the upcoming Immigration services I’ll be offering, mostly to South Africans hoping to move to Canada. I’m currently in the process of completing my diploma in Immigration Consulting so that I can start helping South Africans move from early next year. Although securing articles in the future is still a possibility, specializing in Immigration has been on my mind for the past four years, so, I took the leap. I can’t wait to be able to help more South Africans make Canada their home, and beyond that, make the settling into their new life a little easier.

3 – In terms of travel, we don’t have any future plans and we’re taking this crazy time day by day. So, for obvious reasons, you won’t see a lot of travel content being posted on here. If we can, and feel comfortable to do so, we might try explore some local and domestic travel over the next few months depending on latest numbers with schools returning. Hopefully, if you found us through travel, you’ll stick with us while we take a hiatus. We fully intend to return to travel content when we can (probably, baby-in-tow).

4 – Like most of the world, we’ve been focused on at-home projects to make things feel a little cosier as we spend more time in it during Covid-19 but also with winter looming. Besides the nursery, which is obviously a must-do, we’ve also tried to make our main level of living space feel a little more ‘lived-in’. Stay tuned for updates.

5 – We hit our 1-year mark in Calgary in August, and I can’t believe how time flew over the past year. Throw in a global pandemic, and we haven’t done nearly as much as exploring as we thought we might. We really hoped to have a Calgary City Guide live by now, but when things open up properly, we can return to normal. In the meantime, our Edmonton City Guide is still popular! (In-depth, how-to guides are my jam!)

We promise the next blog post won’t take as many months as the last, and we promise to keep you more in the loop than we have.

Until the next one!

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