Lesser Known Destinations in Canada You Should Visit

Mar 30, 2018

When you mention a trip to Canada, three particular destinations or sites tend to jump to the forefront of people’s minds. Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto. And it’s no wonder why — Take Vancouver for example(which we’ve visited often) this bustling metropolis offers scenic trips, immersing visitors in the region’s stunning landscapes from Stanley Park to English Bay, False Creek, and the Capilano Suspension Bridge which traverses space next to cascading waterfalls. Read all about the highlights from our visit hereHowever, while these major cities are tourist staples for a reason, this beautiful country has so much more to offer! So, why not consider some of these lesser-known destinations for your next trip?

Kamloops, BC:

Book into the Quality Inn Kamloops for a wonderful stay in this south-central British Columbian city. While the region has an impressive population of over 90,000 people, it doesn’t tend to draw in as many tourists, which is relatively surprising when you consider what is on offer! Especially if you’re interested in nature and the outdoors. While you are there, why not visit Kamloops Lake which is also host to a park where you can kick back and relax? Alternatively, you could also check out the Sun Peak Ski Resort. This resort has powder fresh snow and plenty of sun, even during the summer! This city really is a hidden gem.

Mississauga, Ontario:

Almost as difficult to spell as Mississippi, Mississauga is a lesser-known Canadian city tucked away in the province of Ontario. Like Toronto, it lies on Lake Ontario but is a preferable location to visit for those who want to escape the intense atmosphere of Toronto for a while. The city has plenty of parks for those who want to stretch their legs and get a taste of nature. From the Jack Darling Memorial Park to Erindale Park and Lake Aquitaine Park, there are plenty of places to get a breath of fresh air. If you fancy a historic day out, consider the Benares Historic House, or if something more modern pleases your eye, you could check out the Absolute World Towers, stunning architectural feats. Then finish off your day with a meal in Streetsville, a small town with renowned restaurants.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan:

Not far from us in Edmonton, is another bustling city full of hidden treasures you can’t miss. In fact, it’s on my to-do list for very soon. It also happened to make the New York Times List of Places to Visit in 2018 and all the recent hype is probably due to the opening of the Remai Modern Gallery last year. That plus Lindork’s recent post on Instagrammable Walls has me itching to head off to Saskatoon!

Edmonton, Alberta:

You didn’t think I would leave out Edmonton did you?! It’s hardly the first city on your list to tour of Canada BUT as a ‘semi-local’ now, I can tell you, you wouldn’t wanna miss it. This Canadian City is BOOMING. With new foodie spots to die for and loads of new Downtown developments, it’s definitely competing with it’s known rival city, Calgary, for the title ‘Best Albertan Destination’! Read my 24 Hours in Edmonton Guide to find out where to stay, where to eat and what to do. You’re welcome!

These are just a couple of cities that you might consider visiting. There are technically 162 cities in the country, so don’t feel confined to the major and well-known tourist hotspots! There’s plenty more out there to keep you occupied!

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