Our July 2017 Round Up & Recap

July 30, 2017

It’s been a busy month! Scratch that. YEAR! It’s flown by and we are now only 5 months away from the end of the year of 2017. And coming up to our two year anniversary of being in Canada. Time flies when you’re having fun though, right? I’m going to try my very best to […]

It’s been a busy month! Scratch that. YEAR! It’s flown by and we are now only 5 months away from the end of the year of 2017. And coming up to our two year anniversary of being in Canada. Time flies when you’re having fun though, right? I’m going to try my very best to recap each month so it’s easier to keep up with any posts you might have missed and also to update you on any cool upcoming events. Here’s a recap of our month:

Calgary — We Love You! 

We headed off for a quick one night stay in Calgary and still managed to eat our way through the city (as usual). Our last visit to Calgary was also a foodie weekend. No surprise there. This time, our visit happened to fall on the same weekend as the Calgary Stampede so Downtown was buzzing with excitement (and many cowboy hats). It also happened to be the first weekend of Calcutta Cricket Club which we got to check out — and we loved our meal. Read the blog post here.

We Fell In Love with ACE’s New Space.

I’ve been a fan of ACE coffee since we arrived in Canada. (You can find it served at Lock Stock, Coffee Bureau, Cafe Leva, and even Canteen). Besides me being a local supporter and a coffee addict, I’m also a home-decor enthusiast. SO, perhaps it’s the beautiful marble counter, or the elements of the natural wood in the beams, I have fallen completely head over heels in love with this space. But if you’re  interested in reading more, here’s our blog post on the new ACE space here.

You might also like to read our ultimate coffee guide in Edmonton here.

We Went Sugar-Free:

Like really though (You will know all about it if you follow us on Twitter). No added sugar, no fruit, no natural sweeteners. Nothing. Just a week’s worth of pounding headaches, mood swings and fatigue. We started the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program late in the game because I fell off the bandwagon. But we got back on, and we pushed through the initial withdrawals to get a better headspace with a few mild aches, but we’re constantly reminding ourselves a better about the long-term goal: to recalibrate our tastebuds (and willpower) to make better food choices going forward with a mindful intention to choose lower sugar foods.

Edmonton’s Ritchie Market:

For those for you that don’t know… I’m actually in the process of converting my law degree so that I can work in Canada as a lawyer. In order to do so, I have a few exams to get through. Four of them are coming up in a month so I’m desperate for study spots in the city — with one important necessity — good coffee. Ritchie Market popped up on my newsfeed one day and I dragged Craig (post-call) for an afternoon coffee date/study date. The space houses Transcend Coffee; ACME Meat Market and the new Biera.

Singing Along with Ed Sheeran:

I headed out on a girl’s night to my first ever concert at Rogers Place in Edmonton this last week to watch Ed Sheeran. We got 2-for-1, as James Blunt ended up being the opening act! The place was packed! And I’m sure Ed’s second night show would have been packed too. We decided to Uber there, and back so we had no hassles getting in or out. All we had to worry about was singing along to the words. By the way, how magical is the song “Castle on the Hill”?!

Spontaneous Dinner Date at Canteen:

We’ve raved about Canteen’s breakfast here and here. So we decided to try out their dinner too! And now we can rave about their dinner too! We shared a chilli prawn starter, and then I had the Cod while Craig had the Flat Iron Steak. It was a spontaneous decision so, as many foodies know, booking last-minute on a Friday night for a restaurant results in a rather limited list of options. Luckily, we got a spot at Canteen by booking through OpenTable. The benefit of booking this way means you can collect rewards points which you can use towards one of your meals. It’s a win, win. I’ll take free meals any day, thanks!


  • We blogged about our Sunworks Farm Tour and Dinner here. We had such a lovely time with Ron, Sheila and Isaac last month and it was so nice to finally get to tell you guys all about it. Some more blog posts from your favourite local bloggers have been posted too. Go check out: Linda Hoang; Eat with Sharon; And Only Here for the Food.
  • Breakfast at Clementine — Am I still really raving about that omelette though? It was so good that it made our guide to brunching in Edmonton here. Have you brunched at any of these spots? Which is your favourite?
  • Our Instagram family grew BIG TIME. We seriously appreciate all of you who have taken the time to message or comment. We love chatting to you guys so never stop! 🙂 And if you aren’t yet following, do it quick so you can follow us in and around Vancouver next weekend! 🙂
  • A non-travel related highlight was the arrival of our new little one — Oakley. While the initial introduction to Oliver didn’t go so well, they’re evidently enjoying each other’s company now. Photos attached are to share in the cuteness! You’re welcome 😉


  • There were none! Not a bad month when you have nothing to complain about, am I right?!

What’s Next in August?

We’re heading off to Vancity for a much longer visit than our last one — which only lasted a short 24 hours!  Here’s our blog post on what we did on that visit. This time, we will have the entire long weekend. We can’t wait to explore the coastal city some more. I’ll also be writing 4 more exams at the end of the month before we jet off to Greece. SO, check out our Greece bucket-list post over here.

P.S. Check out our updated travel story so far here. Let us know where we should visit next or tell us about your experiences at any of the places we’ve been to! We would love to hear from you guys.

~ Leigh



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