The Most Instagrammable Spots in Edmonton, Alberta

Aug 14, 2018

Do you know how Instagrammable Edmonton really is?  Have you explored all the Instagrammable Spots in Edmonton? If not, here’s a list of where to take a photo in YEG to up your Instagram Game!  Exploring my new city and documenting it on the blog and Instagram has been the best part of moving to Canada. We’ve found a few hidden gems and we’d love to share our finds with you! The below Edmonton Photo Shoot locations are our favourites so far. 

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Instagrammable Spots in Edmonton:

Because everyone is doing it for the #GRAM, we thought we would help everyone out with cute and Instagrammable spots in Edmonton that we love! Comment below with your favourite or any other suggestions that we should check out. Let’s show off Edmonton!

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#1: The Legislature

My favourite building in Edmonton is the Alberta Legislature, also lovingly known by locals as “the leg”.  The immediately recognisable landmark features marble pillars and carved oak intertwining along it’s structure. Everyone can visit and go a daily, free tour offered hourly, to learn more about the Alberta government and history. But don’t forget to enjoy the grounds — featuring a pool, many picnic spots and a walkway of fountains that light up at night!

P.S. Taking a second to brag about our feature, one of our Legislature photos appeared in the October issue of the Westjet Magazine and we’re so excited about it! See the photo here.

#2: The Muttart Conservatory

These four beautiful pyramids are iconic to Edmonton and it’s for that reason that they have to feature on our #IGGuidetoYEG. Each of the pyramids show off a different type of climate and biome. My favourite, of course, is the tropical pyramid that feels a lot like back home (Durban, South Africa).

That said, the feature pyramid is always incredible. In fact, at the moment, it features a giant moon hanging from the ceiling which makes for awesome Instagrammable shots in the Conservatory! Side-note: Doesn’t it remind you of the Louvre in Paris?! I’m pretty sure we could fool a few people 😉

This is Where We Took Our SunFlower Selfie at Muttart!

Edmonton Instagrammable Spots

#3: The Walterdale Bridge

The new bridge is one of my favourite developments in Edmonton in the past year. It towers along the River Valley and adds a new dimension to our skyline, which in itself, is the perfect Instagrammable Spot.

They have recently developed the sidewalk area as you enter and exit the bridge which reminds me a lot of how the City of San Francisco have landscaped the Golden Gate Bridge area. The area now boasts even more Instagrammable Spots in Edmonton. Don’t be surprised if you see more photos on #WaterdaleWednesday!

#4: The High Level Bridge

In contrast to the beautiful, feminine Walterdale Bridge, I also love it’s masculine neighbour, the High Level Bridge. The dark, steel bridge, unmissable along the River Valley, literally bridges the gap between our cities two hotspot streets, allowing cars and pedestrians to go between Jasper Avenue and Whyte Avenue.

The High Level Streetcar, that runs during the summer months, also runs along the upper deck of the bridge — and also offers up another fun Instagrammable Op! 

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Edmonton, Alberta (Part 1)

#5: The River Boat and River Valley

The Queen River Boat is newly renovated and roaring to go! Anyone can visit for a brunch cruise on the weekend or a sunset cruise on a weekday — we’re so excited to try both.

#6: The Fairmont Macdonald

In Summer, you’ll find me sipping a cocktail and enjoying the view from the Fairmont Macdonald Patio, overlooking the North Saskatchewan River. Unsurprisingly, there are several Instagrammable Spots on this stunning Fairmont property including the historical hotel as your backdrop and there perfectly manicured gardens too!

#7: The End of the World / Keillor Point

The popular but perilous lookout over the North Saskatchewan River known as “End of the World” has featured all over social media so no wonder it is considered one of Edmonton’s Instagrammable Spots. Although the lookout has previously been a restricted area, the city decided to renovate and turn it into an official viewing point with a much needed hand railing to avoid any accidents. (Our photos below were pre-construction).

#8: Instagrammable Wall on 124th Street

There are so many Instagrammable Walls in Edmonton that our friend, Linda (also known as Lindork), has blogged about extensively here. (She also hosts IG Wall Walks!) I’ve listed my two favourite Edmonton IG Walls below that will fit any Instagram feed. The IG Wall on 124th Street in Edmonton is sort of hidden in an alley near the So Pretty Cara Cotter Shop. I also love that it encourages shopping local!

Edmonton Instagrammable Spots on 124th Street, Downtown Local love wall

#9: Instagrammable Wall at the Oliver Exchange Building

The new Instagrammable Wall at the Oliver Exchange Building is another favourite IG Wall in Edmonton! You can find it in the foyer of the building, right outside the door to one of my favourite coffee shops: Iconoclast.

#10: Wilfred’s

Wilfred’s is definitely the most Instagrammable cafe in Edmonton because of this cute wall backdrop that locals can’t get enough of. The bright and modern style is perfect for your feed — no wonder there are so many pictures on Insta. They’re open really early and serve our favourite local coffee, Ace. We blogged all about it here.

Best Spots To Take Photos in Edmonton / Instagrammable Cafe, Wilfred's

#11: U of A Botanic Gardens

The U of A Botanic Gardens, formerly known as the Devonian Gardens, is a must-visit attraction that I think all locals and tourists would love. The newly finished 4.8 hectare Aga Khan Garden is particularly impressive and is where we spent most of time during our recent visit in last few Summer days.

See some more of our photos at the U of A here.

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  1. Caileigh Kyle

    August 21st, 2018 at 8:57 PM

    I never used to think Edmonton was particularly Instagrammable until I read this post! Nailed it, girl!!

  2. lcdorkin

    September 2nd, 2018 at 10:06 PM

    Thanks love!! Just wait for part 2! I’m INLOVE with these spots and photos! Every time we go to a new spot, I realise more and more how Instagrammable Edmonton really is!

  3. Angela

    September 2nd, 2018 at 2:41 PM

    As a Calgarian, almost makes me want to visit Edmonton!

  4. lcdorkin

    September 2nd, 2018 at 10:09 PM

    Lol, that’s the best compliment ever! 🙂 Hoping to do one in Calgary too! I know there are so many spots there


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