Fifteen Fun Facts About Us That You Didn’t Know

August 29, 2018

Hi! My name is Leigh and I am a lifestyle and travel content creator based in a small town just outside Edmonton, Canada. I’m 26 years old and I only started creating content a little over a year ago. That said, it’s been sidelined for way too long and this year, came with new motivation […]

Hi! My name is Leigh and I am a lifestyle and travel content creator based in a small town just outside Edmonton, Canada. I’m 26 years old and I only started creating content a little over a year ago. That said, it’s been sidelined for way too long and this year, came with new motivation and excitement to create fun content that is at the same time, super helpful to readers. I am so excited to bring out content you would like to see, so if you have any ideas, requests, fun facts of your own, post them in the comments box below and let’s chat!

This blog post is a follow up to an Instagram post I wrote 10 Things About Us and I loved reading all of your comments! We would love to know 3 fun facts about YOU so please comment below and let’s get to know each other! 

So Let’s Start!

#1: We Actually Have Jobs (Besides Being Travellers)

Craig is a doctor — and an incredibly kind-hearted and dedicated one at that. I am a lawyer and also a psychologist but working in neither of those careers at the moment. I know right, pick a damn career. Well, to be honest, our process of moving overseas has thrown my life-plan a bit of a curve ball and I am only just embracing the unplanned, opportunities that are arising now. So, in typical Millennial speak, #YOLO. For now, I am enjoying the challenge of managing the Medical Clinic where Craig works. There’s literally something new everyday!

#2: He’s a #InstagramHusband

Whether he is a willing partner of this blog is a whole other blog post in itself, but he is nonetheless a huge feature on our social media, my travel partner for life and #1 fan of everything I do. He has a love-hate relationship with my social media habits but is the first person to claim that he took the photo when it does well on Instagram. He also jokes about how he will never actually Instagram on his own account, because ‘he wouldn’t want to show me up’. Lol, he’s cute.

P.S. Craig bought me this camera and it was perfect for starting out the blog!

#3: We Moved to Canada from South Africa

So, while most of you regulars would know this, those that are new to our blog probably don’t know our backstory. We moved to Canada in November 2015 after two years of planning the move. We moved for a bunch of different reasons, but one of them was to travel. And travel we did! Year 1 (Recap of 2016) and Year 2 (Recap of 2017) were packed with unexpected travel adventures.

Read: Our Round Up of Travel Diaries! Comment on which one was your favourite! 

#4: Moving Was Tough (Understatement of the Year!)

I have been quite vocal about how much I struggled adjusting to new life in Canada, after all, we did move across the world. And as a result, I have been very active in blogging and speaking about the immigration process and what to expect. In fact, still to this day, our most popular blog post was the one I wrote here on ‘Things I Have Learnt From Moving Abroad’. I encourage anyone planning to make a big move to read it or if you’ve been through it too, comment on the post — it could help someone going through it too!

#5: Paris Is Always A Good Idea

We went on our first romantic holiday together to Paris in November 2014, and it is still one of our favourite destinations that we could happily return to over and over again. And so we did — in September 2016, we visited Paris again for 5 days & wrote this blog post — another popular one! On that first visit, we went to a very fancy High Tea at the Four Seasons (Blog Post here) plus spent a day tasting the best Champagne in Reims (Blog Post here). So ya, no wonder we loved it!

Read: Reasons Why We Fell In Love With Paris!

#6: We’re Clearly Serious Foodies

…If it wasn’t obvious by now. But not in, ‘we’re-the-best-in-the-biz-to-tell-you-what-is-hot-and-what’s-not’ kinda way. But more like, we’ve eaten a lot, and we know what’s worth it, ya know? We often catch ourselves planning our holidays around restaurants reservations — case in point, our previous New York weekend. We had every meal pre-booked months in advance! It’s a problem! I had to pack my stretchy pants!

#7: Crazy Cat Lady & Man

We’re Mom and Dad to our gorgeous little Oliver Whiskey. He’s a gorgeous Birman and we’re pretty obsessed with him. If you haven’t seen him on our Insta-Stories, you’re bound to see him soon!

#8: I am a Coffee Addict (/Snob)

I can’t help it! It’s an addiction! And so Craig got me the best birthday gift ever (after my camera) this year: this Breville coffee machine below. That plus my ACE Coffee beans gets me through every morning! ACE Coffee Roasters also happens to top our Coffee Guide to Edmonton Blog Post here.

#9: Our Least Favourite Destination To Date

… Has to be Berlin. Maybe we’re just not Berlin people? Or maybe we did it wrong? It was just not the typical romantic European city that I expected. Obviously, with the war, most of the buildings were bombed and destroyed so you don’t see the architecture that you would in say, Paris. Nonetheless, we still want to go back to Germany to visit Munich! Ooooh, Christmas Markets are my thang! Check out our whirlwind two days in the city to see what we did. You can also read our full Travel Story here.

#10: I LOVE Photography

I really do. But I am of course, a total amateur. I have serious Instagram crushes which have, of course, been serious motivators lately to get my photography game up. ‘Instagramming’ might be part and parcel of a blog nowadays, but for me, it’s one of my favourite platforms to share our photos with you guys — hopefully, as a form of art! If you haven’t seen Aggie from @travel_inhershoes, Lisa (a Canadian) from @lisahomsy, Mel (another Canadian) from @mvanderslius or Alyssa from @effortlyss, you should reeaallly check them out. I wrote about them in this blog post here.

And if you haven’t followed our Instagram, you should also really do that. #JustSaying 😉

#11: We Got Engaged in Banff!

Yup, that first Christmas in Canada, Craig whisked me to the mountains for a REAL Christmas and he popped the question on Christmas night! That means I technically moved countries for my ‘boyfriend’ at the time. We had, however, been living together for two years and we knew we were in it for the long haul! We met through his sister, one of my besties who just recently visited us in Banff.

Read: About Our Winter Wonderland in Banff!

#12: Shopaholic Maybe?

I really do enjoy a bit of retail therapy, that I cannot deny. One of my favourite things to do with my mom was to spend a day shopping, trying on clothes and grabbing a coffee at a cute cafe when our retain-energy was dropping low. Of course, moving countries meant I had to adapt to completely new brands and shops! With my good ole faithful Woolworths back home nowhere to be seen, I now frequent Aritzia; Club Monaco, Loft and Abercrombie & Fitch. PLUS a few local brands like the Skinny & Poppy Barley. Also, who else thinks online shopping is the most dangerous invention ever? Ya, me! And probably Craig too! (every time he finds a package perched on our doorstep).

#13:  We’re Health-nuts Too

We take health very seriously in our household. Well, obviously, living with a doctor we have to. Besides eating well and gymming I’m a huge healthcare advocate since getting involved in the Clinic and our community healthcare. It’s a huge passion and I usually spend hours dreaming up how to encourage preventative and holistic healthcare throughout the province.  Don’t even get me started on the topic — I’ll talk for hours!

#14: Most Expensive Holiday To Date?

We do love our luxury travel, it’s true. But most of the time, I prefer luxury at bargain prices. That said, we really splurged on our Napa Valley and Greece Trips. New York was also pretty pricey!

#15: Our Best Idea of a Date?

We love our coffee dates — especially on cosy, gloomy days! A close second would probably be a brunch-date at any of these spots in Edmonton. But in an ideal world, it would be in Paris because we’re obsessed with that city!

How Well Do You Think You Know Us?!

I hope you got to know us a little bit better from this post! Please go ahead and post more questions below and we’d be happy to answer them — we’re quite literally an open-book! 🙂

One more thing before we go — If you’d like to support us, following along and sharing our posts on social media is the best way to help us! Follow us on Instagram // Twitter// Pinterest! We just hit 2K and we’re planning a big THANK YOU to you all!

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