Full House Lottery Trips to Win!

May 20, 2019


Remember when I posted about how you could win vacations for life with Edmonton’s Full House Lottery back in April? Well, you can still win specific trips to Kenya, Argentina, Italy, Scotland, Malaysia or Costa Rica! Out of the 1048 prizes up for grabs, these trips are what my fellow travellers would love to win. So, if you weren’t sold yet, I’m laying out all the destinations below including some of the incredible sights and experiences you can enjoy in each destination.

Every ticket makes a difference.

The fact that the funds go towards supporting a good cause should be even more reason for you to go ahead and buy those tickets! This year, your tickets support Cancer Surgery at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women and Alzheimer’s Research & Care at the University Hospital. If all Full House Lottery tickets are sold, The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and the University Hospital Foundation will receive over $5.6 Million.

The deadline for ticket sales is Midnight June 6th, 2019. The winners will be announced during the Live Final Draw on July 5th, 2019.


Although we grew up in South Africa, we haven’t been able to travel within Africa as much as you’d think. Kenya has been one of the African countries we really wanted to visit. Dying to do that safari trip you’ve always wanted? Kenya is undoubtedly the place to do it, in a luxury tented camp. Want to share your breakfast with Giraffes peeking through the window? Kenya has you covered as an Instagrammable destination. I’d be surprised if a photo of it hadn’t already crossed your Insta feed and been mentally saved as a bucket-list item!


We don’t know how to Tango, but for a trip to Argentina, we would at least attempt to learn the famously difficult “dance of love”! The colourful cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires apparently “doesn’t sleep”. Bars and restaurants open late, and stay open even later. The vibrant European-like city has a Latin passion you’d love to meet. The most comforting thought, however, is the fact that their award-wining Malbecs would keep me company, even if me and my ‘two left feet’ failed at learning to Tango.


Italy is still one of my favourite destinations to date. Our week in Tuscany back in 2012 was filled with gelato, warm Tuscan sun and all the comforting carbs you could imagine. We also loved the historical sights like Florence’s Duomo cathedral and Michelangelo’s David.


Craig’s had this high up on our to-do list forever, because of his love for medieval castles. But that isn’t the only thing Scotland has going for it. Craig’s obsession with all things whiskey will guarantee a daily evening scotch tasting. From Gleneagles to St Andrews, his new Golf hobby would also keep him busy. As for me, you can find me at Gin tastings at the local distilleries.


I reckon the stunning skyline of Kuala Lumpur is best enjoyed from a swanky rooftop bar, with a cocktail in hand. Don’t you think? Days would be filled with shopping, tasting exotic street food and exploring the city’s incredible sights. One sight you wouldn’t want to miss is the jaw-dropping Petronas Twin Towers. Be sure to balance out your city-escape itinerary with visits to the cultural temples and wildlife sanctuaries.

Costa Rica:

With eco-destinations on the rise, Costa Rica the most bio-diverse destinations in the world. Hiking volcanoes, surfing the waves, relaxing on the beaches, or spotting wildlife, you’re always amongst the lush surroundings. Costa Rica also happens to be the wellness destination you’ve been looking for. Stay in a luxury hotel in the forest and allocate time for yoga, the spa and some light reading. Sign me up!

How to know if you’ve won?

All winners will be posted on the Full House Lottery website within 2 weeks after the final draw.

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