How Some Edmonton Bloggers Spent Their Valentines

Feb 27, 2018


Interested in what some YEGGERS did this Valentines? Well, this is just the post for you! Which Valentines Date tickles your fancy? Casual Dinner out or a more formal Dinner Date? What about a Valentines getaway in the City of Love?! We want all three please!

#1: Cindy’s Super Chill Valentines with Mayday Dogs

We’re a low-key couple and never need an excuse to dine out, even if it’s Valentine’s Day! Where we eat is based on our cravings and rarely reserving in advance. Last week’s freezing rain was just another excuse to stay close to home for us. Mayday Dogs was offering two dogs and tots to share for $19.99, so it was a no-brainer. I got the February feature, King Push (PC Cola™️ braised onion, charred jalapeño mayo, American Cheddar, and crushed Doritos) while Joe opted for his favourite, the Korean Abdul-Jabbar. We also shared the February feature tots: Crispy Sage & Garlic. Super chill and super satisfying. We spent the rest of the night cozied up on the couch with our puppy. It was perfect!

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Edmonton Valentines

Edmonton Valentines

#2:  Keltyn’s Valentines in The City Of Love

It’s not often that one gets to say that they spent Valentine’s Day in Paris, so I feel pretty privileged to say that I did! I was there on a 10 day vacation with my older sister, that we — no joke — only paid $292 for roundtrip flights! We left the men in Edmonton while we toured one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. Valentine’s Day was our last day in Paris and while I wasn’t with my love, I spent most of the day trying to find a perfect little gift that I could bring home to him.

The first 9 days were spent running around Paris making sure that we saw everything, and I mean everything! We visited the Louvre, Versailles, Montmartre, Notre-Dame de Paris and so much more. So we decided that we were going to spend Valentine’s Day seeing any last minute sites we hadn’t yet seen. We started the day at the Musee D’Orsey where I was mesmerized by Monet, Picasso, Degas and Van Gogh art pieces. We then made our way to  the Palais Royal where we spent way too long taking photos of each other on the marble pillars (#DoItForTheGram). Our second last stop was at the Champs-Élysées where I bought a box of macaroons (which the boyfriend and I devoured as soon as I arrived home).

Like most men, the way to my boyfriend’s heart is through his stomach. So, when my sister and I exited a metro station and stumbled upon a chocolate shop called Richart that had the most adorable Valentine’s Day themed window display, I ran right in and bought a few boxes of caramel and dark chocolate. To finish off the day we stood at the top of Trocadéro and caught one last glimpse of the Eiffel Tower as it sparkled in the night, capping off one of the most amazing trips I have ever been on.

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YEGGERS Valentines

#3: Our Fancy, Schmancy Valentines Dinner at Cafe Linnea

We celebrated our day of love, at a Fancy 6-course Valentines dinner at Cafe Linnea — one of our favourites in the city, if you hadn’t noticed. For Valentines, we don’t often ‘go big’, but after 6 years together, we thought we should at least celebrate it once. So we did it the most typical way one can: a romantic dinner date! It was a no brainer when we saw Cafe Linnea advertising their Valentines line up — we even went again that Sunday for the L’amour Themed High Tea! Even though we are’t oyster people (see our hilarious YEG Instagram Highlights), we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner! With a menu packed full of decadent delights like foie gras, bone marrow, and chocolate pudding, who wouldn’t?! All made lovingly gluten-free of course! 😉

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Valentines Edmonton

Which Valentines Day Date would YOU choose?

Tell us below! And check out my fellow bloggers on their social media — I’m sure they would love the love-back on their ‘love days’! (Waaaaay too many ‘loves’ in one sentence, but you know what I mean!) 😉 If you’d like to share the love, TWEET THIS BELOW:

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Bye February! 

~ Leigh



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