Edmonton Favourite: Eating Italian at Uccellino

June 10, 2017

Uccellino [oo-che-LEE-no], and not Uccelini, as Craig keeps referring to it as, is my all time favourite restaurant in Edmonton so far. Each of the meals we ordered were outstanding! And trust me, you can see below, that we ordered our fair share of the dishes on the menu between us. It’s very rare to […]

Uccellino [oo-che-LEE-no], and not Uccelini, as Craig keeps referring to it as, is my all time favourite restaurant in Edmonton so far. Each of the meals we ordered were outstanding! And trust me, you can see below, that we ordered our fair share of the dishes on the menu between us. It’s very rare to find a restaurant that knocks every single dish out of the park – but Uccellino did.

Unlike most of Edmonton, I hadn’t been to either of Daniel Costa‘s love-children, Corso 32 and Bar Bricco. But after trying Uccellino, Costa’s newest venture, they are definitely on my list to try now! So look out for those on the #YEGweekly.

We arrived early for our reservation, hoping to escape the cold, and luckily, they could seat us straight away. As far as I’m aware, they leave half the restaurant open for walk-ins, so reservations are limited and sometimes difficult to get. We went on a Monday, which definitely makes it slightly easier. However, if you’re hoping for a weekend booking, you best start planing a week or two in advance!

It is recommended that you approach the menu as a sharing-style meal. This always suits us perfectly as it is Craig’s favourite way of eating. The menu is divided into the traditional courses: fritti; crostini; antipasti; primi ; secondi and dessert options: formaggi and dolci. But you can check out the menu for yourself, here.


We skipped the fried stuff (fritti) altogether and went straight for the crostini. Craig ordered the Chicken Liver & Balsamico crostini. I, of course, couldn’t order any of the crostini options because obviously, life-struggles of a gluten-freebie. I did, however, sneak a taste of the pâté, as Craig raved about it, and seriously, it’s good. Somehow, they’ve managed to get it more like a whipped mouse texture, and why has no one ever thought to put balsamic on chicken liver pâté before? Gold. Round 1 = 10 points.



We decided on the Christopher’s Moscardini, a Red Wine-Braised Baby Octopus with Char-grilled Ciabatta. While it looks unappealing, that red-wine sauce is beautifully, rich and hearty! I don’t often see Baby Octopus on a menu in Edmonton, so it was a no-brainer for me (I was basically brought up on seafood living by the beach!). And I am so glad we chose it. While Craig was still munching on his crostini, I’m pretty sure I took more than my fair portion of this dish. But can you really blame me? Again, 10 points.



This is the course I usually have to glance over, so as to not upset myself with all the options I cannot eat. But not this time! I almost kissed our waitress when she told me that they do, in fact, serve gluten-free pasta. She did, however, suggest that we share this portion if we wanted to continue at the rate we were going. (Little does she know how much husband can eat!)

We ordered one portion of the Tagliatelle L’Ancetre Butter, Sage & Parmigiano Reggiano Pasta to share. With the last forkful, however, I wished that we had actually ordered our own portions! It was like a gourmet Mac and Cheese (except with Spaghetti) and there is no better comfort food than this. Next time, I’ll take a double portion and some wine please.

Um, 11 points? Yes, bonus point.



Maybe this course was a little too ambitious, as we did leave with a doggy-bag in hand, with at least half a portion of the Pollo Al Mattone Chicken Cooked Under a Brick, Salmoriglio & Panzanella and Baby Broccoli with Almonds, Chili, Garlic & Olive Oil. (I’m not complaining, I had a lovely lunch of leftovers the next day). This chicken might look a little too plain to you, but if I could cook like that, Craig would be a very happy man. I loved the fact that this healthy option was even on the menu – and if we lived closer, this would be my go-to takeaway dinner on nights that I just don’t feel like cooking. 10 points. 20 points if you deliver to Barrhead (Wishful thinking, I know).

We were also eyeing the Lamb for this course! So, that’s for next time!



Our gluten-free options included the Amedei Chocolate Budino as well as the Ricotta Lemon Gelato with Amarena Cherries. Both sounded amazing, but the former grabbed our attention when the waitress described it as a mousse-like brownie, we were pretty much sold.

After several bites, we then sold this dessert onto our neighbours (whether they needed the nudge or not). And they too, wished they had ordered a plate each instead of sharing! There is nothing in this world more chocolatey than this dish right here. (Salivating as I write this) This plus that pasta, that red wine and you have yourself comfort food at it’s best.

Like a million points.


Overall, I can quite honestly say, I do not remember any other meal I have ever eaten in Edmonton after this incredible dining experience. All I can think of is returning to try some other dishes on the menu – and soon!

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