25 Direct, Non-Stop Flights from Edmonton

Oct 9, 2019


Edmontonians, are you wondering where to fly next? If you’re anything like us, you want to maximise your time off. Perhaps even a quick weekend? We’ve found ourselves exhausted by multiple flights to get somewhere so much so that we’ve felt like we needed a vacation from our vacation, on our return! To avoid feeling dejected and even more burnt out from our quick getaways, we’re taking advantage of the 25 destinations that fly non-stop or direct from Edmonton International Airport (EIA).

We have listed and ranked 25 different destinations that you can fly into non-stop from Edmonton, from shortest flight time to the longest, to help you choose a destination nearby:

  • Calgary, Alberta (55 minutes with Westjet)
  • Saskatoon, SK (1hr 10 minutes with Westjet)
  • Kelowna, BC (1 hr 15 minutes with Westjet, Swoop & Flair)
  • Abbotsford, BC (1h 30 mins with Westjet, Swoop & Flair)
  • Victoria, BC (1 hr 40 mins with Westjet)
  • Vancouver, BC (1 hr 45 min with Westjet)
  • Winnipeg, MN (1 hr 50 mins with Westjet, Swoop & Flair)
  • Yellowknife (1 hr 50 mins with Westjet & Canadian North)
  • Seattle (2 hrs with Alaska)
  • Denver (2 hrs 55 mins)
  • Las Vegas (3 hrs with Westjet)
  • San Francisco, CA (3 hrs with Westjet or Delta)
  • Phoenix / Scottsdale, AZ (3hrs 20 mins) or Mesa, AZ (3 hrs 40 mins with Flair)
  • Palm Springs, CA (3 hr 30 mins)
  • Los Angeles, CA (3 hrs 35 mins)
  • Toronto, ON (3 hr 40 mins)
  • Ottawa, ON (3 hr 45 mins with Westjet)
  • Montreal, QC (3 hr 50 mins)
  • Houston (4 hrs 20 mins)
  • Halifax (4 hrs 40 mins from $515 with Westjet)
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (4 hrs 55 mins)
  • Orlando, FL (5 hrs with Westjet)
  • Cancun, Mexico (5 hrs 40 mins with Westjet or Sunwing)
  • Reykavik, Iceland (6 hrs 20 mins with Iceland Air)
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands (8 hrs 45 mins with KLM)

Flight Tip: Remember, when searching for flights, use Google Flights or Momonodo ‘incognito’ to review and compare prices. This way, your repetitive searches will not cause the flight prices to surge. Sneaky? We think it’s just being smart!

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