Brunching in Edmonton at Canteen

Jun 10, 2017


The trendy 124th Street is packed full of cool boutiques, foodie spots and cute coffee shops including the brunch hot spot, Canteen. It’s the causal little sister restaurant to the fine dining option, Red Ox Inn, which I have yet to try (but you can bet it’s on the list to-do).

We decided to go for a spontaneous brunch, but I would advise to plan ahead and book (like most people) or you could miss out. You can reserve online here, but if you don’t, you’ll likely end up with a spot at the bar, reserved for walk-ins.

NOTE: Brunch is only served on weekends between 10am and 2pm. But on week days (Monday, Thursday & Friday) try Cafe Linnea (which isn’t too far a drive from Canteen).


A Menu Packed with Diversity:

None of the meals on the menu are your typical breakfast options you’ll find at your usual diner. That means no traditional eggs benny, and no side of hash browns or fruit. Instead, the options are way more exciting. Check the menu out here (But note that the menu was slightly different to the one we received at the restaurant).


Our Breakfast:

My breakfast was a special of the day – which I always like to try. A Quinoa Porridge, topped with fruits, nuts and even a poached egg. This was definitely the healthiest option on the menu. But what I loved about it was the fact that it was something completely different to anything I’ve ever had.


Craig chose the Chicken and Waffle when he saw one float by to another table – he said was really good (he just wished there was more chicken). He’s only ever had a Chicken and Waffle dish one other time in Edmonton, and he said that this dish topped that. Hell, if I could eat gluten, I’d probably have had it too!


Price-wise, their brunch plates are a little pricey ranging between $15 – 17 so it’s not an every weekend kind of brunch, but it’s definitely one to try.

I’ve been to Canteen for lunch before, and absolutely raved about it! But I’m sad to see that they are no longer open for lunch. I do, however, want to try out a dinner sometime soon. Here’s their dinner menu.

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