Why I Love These Shea Products From The Body Shop

Mar 26, 2019


I was so excited to hear that we were getting the Shea Products to try out this month since Cuba was already scheduled and I knew that I’d be needing moisturising from head-to-toe with all the sun time we’d be getting! Usually, I am so good about lathering up in sunscreen and not getting burnt, but somehow my legs got roasted within the first thirty months I had sat in the sun. I went from winter-white to bright red on day one! Needless to say, the Shea products were well-used during our time in Cuba and really soothed my dry, burnt skin into what I now consider to be sun-kissed 😉

Beauty Secrets of Shea Butter

You might not know that Shea Butter is actually the core ingredient in The Body Shop’s iconic, indulgently textured Body Butters. It’s the beauty secret we’ve all been wondering about: and there’s an entire range to shop from below!

Shea Products The Body Shop

Although I usually pack travel-sized products, I am so glad I brought the full 200ml size bottle with me because I used every drop of the 100% vegan Shea Nourishing Body Butter. The Body Butter and the Body Scrub both did wonders for dry, semi-sunburnt skin leaving it feeling so much more hydrated without being greasy or sticky. It soothed the sting of the burn, helped get rid of any dead skin cells and moisturised any new, sensitive skin, evening out the tone.

I also made use of the Shea Butter Hair Mask to ensure that the constant exposure to the sun didn’t leave my colour-treated hair dry. Instead, the intensively nourishing properties of the Shea Butter in the mask left my hair shiny and smooth despite jumping in and out of the ocean and pool throughout the week! It couldn’t have been a better time to test out these products and give my full thumbs up. Next beach vacay, I’ll be packing all of the Shea products again!

The Body Shop & Empowering Women

I love the fact that The Body Shop’s founder, Anita Roddick, has sustainably sourced Community Trade Shea butter from The Tungteiya Women’s Association in Ghana since 1994. The women in the community handcraft 390 tonnes of Shea butter for The Body Shop every year using an 18-stage process passed down from mother to daughter for generations.

In 25 years, The Tungteiya Women’s Association has grown from 50 members to 640 across 11 villages. During that time, The Body Shop also co-found the Global Shea Alliance (GSA). The GSA help the Shea industry strive for a more sustainable world and benefit the 8 million women who are a crucial part of this industry. 

I am an ambassador to The Body Shop Southgate Branch. I have used and loved their products since I was a teenager and so often, it was my go-to gift. I hope you’ll understand and appreciate that while I do get products for free, all opinions are my own and when I share, I do so because I think you’ll love the product too!

Photos by Tracey Jazmin Photography.

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