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Winter Essentials: The Best Winter Gear for Babies and Toddlers

October 10, 2022

Pretty sure all of us moms stress whether our baby is warm enough in the winter! These are our go-tos for keeping our baby warm

Beanie / Touk (Similar) | Bunting Suit (Similar) | Stroller Ganoosh

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Since it’s now that time of year (but thank you extended Fall!), I thought I would make a post about all the winter gear for babies now that the snow has finally arrived in Calgary. Winter in Alberta can be a bit of a shock to the system if you aren’t used to it. This will be our seventh winter and it can still feel tough to know what to wear! A good rule of thumb is dressing your child in one more layer than you would wear in the same conditions.

A Ganoosh / Snuggle Bag For The Stroller

This is a must for mom’s who like to get out for walks. When Riley was a newborn we used the carseat cover. We got this universal one which was a third of the price of the Uppababy one.

A Bunting / Snowsuit For Baby

I bought my first one for Riley from H&M and love it, but they do only seem to carry ones that go to 12 months. Gap has extended sizing and also offer cute snowsuits. Before Riley is walking and actually playing outside, I’m comfortable to get the reasonably priced options from H&M and then invest in full winter gear for when she’s older.

We always add our favourite baby finds of the season to this Pinterest board.

A Fleece-Lined Beanie / Touk

We love this one from the Gap and have used it all through Fall and Winter already. I love that it covers her ears completely. I got this one in the next size up. But this wool set with mittens is a winner, too!

This post talks about how we save money on our baby purchases from H&M and Gap!

Cosy Blankets For Layering

Layering with thick fleece-lined blankets make it cosy in the car or in the stroller. We used them a ton when Riley was a newborn and now we use them for the car. These with a satin trim are adorable! And this waffle-knit one is such a good price!

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