Babyproofing: How We’re Making Our Home Safe For Our Baby

November 4, 2021

Here’s our babyproofing checklist, so far. Updated as of 4th of November, with a crawling 9-month-old!

It felt like it took forever for Riley to get moving on her own as she rocked in place for well over a month. Well, right before she turned 9 months, she basically took off like a rocket and has been exploring every little deathtrap in the house since! Here’s our babyproofing checklist, so far. (I’ll keep updating as we go since we’re taking the babyproof as we go approach, see below)

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Babyproofing Checklist: What Do You Really Need?

For the most part, mom-friends have told me to wait till Riley shows me what to babyproof, but it has resulted in almost daily Amazon orders. Riley learns something new everyday exploring every room in the house and although she is always supervised, it’s nice to know that there is nothing that will cause her any harm in a quick flash. The best tip we were given was to get down to your child’s level to see what to actually babyproof from their perspective. These are the things we noticed immediately in each room:

Babyproofing Items For Almost Every Room (Part 1 for Crawlers):

Outlet Covers Safety Plugs (pack of 24) – I spent way too much googling and reading reviews for baby proofing outlets, but these are cheap and easy to use. So far, Riley can’t get them off and we really don’t mind the look of them. So glad we didn’t splurge for the fancy ones.

Outlet Covers for Plugs in Use – For any outlets in use that your baby has access to should be covered. We have an outlet right next to the crib for the abby monitor so we’ve covered it this highly rated outlet cover. If you can reconfigure the room to hide the outlets behind furniture that would help too but it doesn’t work in her room. We loved this cover so much we’ve ordered two more!

Door Stoppers (pack of 3) – The rubber knobs/caps on your spring door stoppers can come off and are a major chocking hazard. These solid plastic replacements are easy to swap out and are much safer. We’ve ordered a few more of these, too!

Double-sided Tape to secure the floor vents – Riley is obsessed with the air vents in her playroom because it’s right by her toy shelf. We have the plastic ones so they wouldn’t cut her, but we don’t want her falling in the whole (we’ve actually had our cat stuck down one before), nor do we want her throwing toys down it. We’ve decided to tape them down for the meantime.

Cord Covers / Cable Concealer – Riley has found all the cords lying around the house already so it’s kicked our butts into gear to finally get them concealed and taped to the wall.

Anchors for Heavy Furniture Anchoring furniture is a high priority after reading the stats on how many children die from things falling over onto them. Still on the hunt for the best ones! I’ll report back soon!

Cover Sharp Corners – We’re trying to avoid using these because everyone says they never stay on and leave the sticky adhesive on your furniture, but if you can’t avoid them, you can try these. It’s one thing I wish I had though about when I bought furniture pre-kids, and probably something I’ll think about every time I buy something from now on.

Hardware Mounted Baby Gate for the top of the stairsThis one was the best I found and it’s cheaper at Bed, Bath & Beyond (with a coupon, too!), but you can also get it at Indigo (remember to install Honey and you can earn Honey Gold on it, too). I love that it doesn’t have a bar at the bottom that you could trip over, plus it’s dainty enough (but strong enough) to not feel out of place in our house.

Retractable Baby Gate for the bottom of the stairs – Safety gates aren’t just for stairs—if you want baby to stay out of a certain room, say a formal living room for example, place a baby gate in the entry to that room. We’ve done it by the mudroom (that houses our cat’s food and litter-box, but also the trash cans), the laundry (because the drying rack could fall and I want the sunlight to come through the hallway from that room) and then at the bottom of the stairs). It’s excessive I know, but we got 3 baby gates second-hand for the price of one so, it works. We do have two minor stairs down to our bonus room that we haven’t baby-proofed (ie. put a gate), but we’re practicing going up and down every day to get Riley better at doing it safely. We also just put the nugget there if we’re really worried.

Tip up Blind chords – We’ve got the ones that are attached to the window sill so we didn’t need these.

Note: Put breakable, heavy, or sharp items out of reach in all of these rooms. We did a quick scan and moved anything we noticed. Also, just remember that all toys in the room should be age appropriate.

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That’s it For Now!

Obviously, I expect to update this sooner than later. But for now, this is what we’ve done and is working well for us. I am clearing out cabinets in the meantime to move anything breakable, or that could be a chocking hazard either out of reach or into very specific cabinets that will be locked. Planning on ordering these magnetic cabinet locks!

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