Our Favourite Baby Toys For 9 – 10 Month Olds

December 16, 2021

Any desperate mamas need a toy that will give them more than 5 minutes break? I get you! These baby toys will!

Riley is officially pulling up on most things and so her toy choice has changed so much from our 8 Month Post. From 9 Months old, Riley really started making use of the Ikea Montessori-style cabinet, and from the 10 month mark, she has really started to pull herself up on it. These are the toys she gravitates to every single day.

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Hape Activity Cube

We got this activity cube (Amazon seems to be the cheapest) from a friend as a hand me down and honestly, had we not been given it I probably would have missed out on this great toy option for kiddos at 10 months! I love the height of the Hape one because Riley stands upright without leaning. This activity cube is sooo pretty and a little cheaper than the one we’ve got.

Baby Fidget / Fat Brainz Dimpl

I really love the Fat Brainz Toys and we still use this one in the bath. I actually found my one at a Homesense which was a win! But you can grab it at Indigo or Amazon. It’s a great toy for the stroller or car (it passes the safety test), and although she doesn’t technically ‘pop’ them yet, I’m sure she will start in the next few months.

Books, Books, Books!

It’s the first time that books have really kept Riley preoccupied. The touchy-feely books have been the biggest hit and it’s so fun to watch her feel the textures and also anticipate where to find them on each page. We’ve got That’s Not My Unicorn, That’s Not My Monkey and lastly, That’s Not My Christmas Fairy, for Christmas! We usually buy our books from Indigo using our money saving tips from this blog post.

Baby Wallet and Fake Bank Cards

I took advantage of the Subscriber Shop with Lovevery to get the wallet pictured to the left for Riley, and I’m not even overexaggerating when I say it kept her quiet for over an hour.

If you’re not a Lovevery subscriber, or if they’re already sold out, this is a good option just only give baby the wallet with the cards (small items are a choking hazard).

SAVE $20 discount on your first Lovevery subscription here.

I hope this post was helpful! Let us know if you have any other recommendations below.

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