Our Favourite Baby Toys For 8 Month Olds (+ $20 Off Lovevery Play Kits!)

October 15, 2021

If you’re trying to be minimalist with toys, but you need to keep your 8-month-old busy, this is the post you need!

Baby Toys For 8 Month Olds

Since our post about our favourite toys at 4 months was so popular, I thought it would be helpful to do a follow up post about what Riley is loving at 8 months. She’s officially in the busy phase and we’re finding it even more essential to have toys on hand that she loves. These baby toys are our current favourites and this is how we organize and store them in the playroom; the car and when we’re on-the-go.

Baby Toys For 8 Month Olds

The Lovevery Play Kits

As I’ve said before, our goal has been to keep toys to a minimum, being very intentional with all the purchases we make. If you could only buy one set of toys in your baby’s first year, I would say subscribing to the Play Kits is the most convenient and worthwhile purchase.

Stacking Cups

If you haven’t subscribed to the Lovevery Play Kits, getting a set of stacking cups is a must. The Lovevery set is great because you can use them in the bath too and the varied holes allow the water to trickle through at different rates. They also fall over easily which is most of the fun for Riley right now.

Best Alternatives: These Mushie stackers are probably the most similar with holes in them too. These sensory stackers are easy to tumble, so perfect for crawling motivation! This Green Toys set is also highly recommended.

Baby Toys For 8 Month Olds

Balls: Felt, Wooden and Rattles!

The felt balls that came in the Lovevery Play Kit have been a hit. These felt balls are a good Etsy option!

The Lovevery Play Gym

We are still using the Lovevery Play Gym, but mostly while Riley is sitting and usually at the beginning of a wake window. I was worried I had bought the sensory strands too late in the last post, but she still loves them! We’ve detached the mat and use it as an easy-to-move playmat for around the house or if we go outside.


The Hape Piano Toy

This wooden piano keeps Riley amused for quite a while. I do have to just keep an eye that Riley doesn’t push down on the front because it has occasionally toppled and bonked her. I love these musical toys and I’m even eyeing the xylophone for Christmas or for her first birthday. I’ve also bought the mini piano version for the car!


Fat Brain Teal Toy

We keep this toy for bath time because it can stick to the side of the bath or she can chew it and use it as a teether. She loves it because it rattles, too!


Baby Toys For 8 Month Olds

Cuddle + Kind Baby

The Baby Kitten from Cuddle + Kind is the cutest little stuffy and since she’s at the age where she can get attached to stuffies and lovies, I’m ready and waiting to put in my second order if I need to!


Baby Board Books

Reading is part of our naptime and bedtime routine and if we’re having a fussy day, sometimes we’re extending that wake window as long as we can with books. Since baby board books are short and sweet (as they should be), we often find ourselves reading a few at a time. As a result, we know our favourites of by heart. I’ll post a few of our favourites in a full blog post soon, but this sweet book is a good one.

Baby Toys For 8 Month Olds

The Nugget Couch

To be honest, this was a big purchase (or gift, rather, by the grandparents) so it is by no means necessary, but it has been helpful. Riley is in a phase where sometimes just standing her against the Nugget is enough to occupy her for a little longer.

I hope this post was helpful! Let us know if you have any other recommendations below.

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