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Feb 21, 2018

It is often SO hard to capture images and create content about a place you live in. I had it with Durban fora while and every now and then I get it about Edmonton. Mostly because I follow incredible content creators with huge accounts who are capturing moments in exotic places and I find it difficult to compete with that kind of content. I realised that most probably people that way about all our traveling photos: New York for a weekend here; Greece for two weeks here. The truth is we can explore in our ‘own’ city and we can still create instagram-worth when we aren’t travelling. Local tourism is a thing and you should embrace it!

If you visit the 100 ST Funicular Hashtag the following so I can see your photos and comment: “#YEGWithTGD”. Let’s see how many people we can inspire to explore their own city! 🙂 

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Sunday Exploring:

We chose the chilliest day to check out the new 100 Street Funicular — Our bad! You would have noticed on Instagram and the pictures below that my semi-grumpy husband explores no matter the weather — Bless him! We hadn’t been able to check out the Funicular since it opened in December 2017, and thought post High Tea at Cafe Linnea would be the best time. Us being inexperienced Canadians (without enough layers) realised very quickly it was one of those colder-than-you-think days! So we kind of froze. Luckily the glass box (aka the funicular) is actually quite warm inside!

The funicular is essentially an inclined elevator that takes visitors from 100 Street by the Hotel Macdonald to the area around the Low Level Bridge, and vice versa. The whole project cost a whopping $ 24 million! But it’s all FREE to the public! On one ride, it can fit up to 20 people and it operates from 7 am to 9 pm. We love the design of the whole area and I truly think this will be a popular spot for tourists and locals, in summer or winter!

Check out our photos! Do we look cold?!

Edmonton Funicular

Edmonton Funicular

Check out that view of the Fairmont Macdonald from this angle! Have you read our Staycation at this stunner that overlooks the River Valley? If you get as cold as we did on our explorations, now would be their perfect time to warm up with the winter cocktails like we did on our Staycation by the fireplace. Sounds like heaven right?!

What Are Your Favourites?

I’d love to hear about your Edmonton Favourites in the comments/reply box below! Where should we check out next? If you’re a Edmonton local business, and you’d like to collab, get in touch here! And if you aren’t already following us, keep in touch on Instagram // Facebook // Twitter!

You not-so-local guide,

~ Leigh

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